Sunday, March 1, 2009

ROCKETS of fun

We had our great date on Thursday night...we had SO much fun! I didn't expect it to be so great (being b-ball and all) but it truely was. Austin finished his homework just as I was scooting them out the door, we went and picked Mark up from work, and then Mark and I dropped the kids off with Alsiha (my sis). It was so nice to be able to get through a conversation without being interupted! We got stuck in a little traffic on the way, but nothing we hadn't done before. We finally parked and walked a couple blocks to the Toyota Center where Angie and Nate were waiting for us. Surprisingly, Nate was not the only one wearing a Caveliers jersey...thought their night was not very successful. Once we got in, we went down under the stadum seating to the Lexus lounge where there was a food...yummy, yummy food! We ate...I ate a chocolate chunk cookie the size of my face! Right before tip off, we walked out of the same entry that the players and dances came. During half time (when we made our way back for more grub) we were within arms reach of Wafer, a new star to the Rockets. It was an awesome game and I discovered that Yao Ming is GI-NORM-OUS! WOW! We had some great laughs. Some friends of ours, his dad and stepmom dance for the rockets on one of their special people things...HILARIOUS! It was a great time!

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The Wood Family said...

hey Jennie! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!! You are so photogenic! Love keeping up with you. Tell all we say hello!