Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holdin' on for Dear Life!!!

Yes, I am well aware that it has been at least two weeks since I last posted. I really didn't think that I had anything to post about since we have been in the same routine. However, as I look back over pictures we have taken, I was wrong! A LOT has happened, and I'm not quite sure how it slipped my mind...but it did! First, congrats to Mark's dad and Wendy on the engagement. Mark, the kids, and I are very happy to welcome Wendy into the family!! Abi has already found another name of endearment for her, Tink, because Wendy loves the character Tinkerbell.

 Abi and Mark at Dad and Wendy's house with their puppy, (yes, PUPPY!) Alex

 Wendy and Cooper

This year I moved from the preschool ministry at church to the children's ministry. I must say, it's a completely different world. I co-teach first and second graders with a good friend, Taunya. Surprisingly, my job this year requires a lot more energy than did preschool. The kids and I get to church extra early every Sunday to prepare for the morning lesson. I like this because it gives the kids an opportunity to help out and serve where they are needed. Of course, they are no stranger to the early Sunday mornings. Austin and Abi both regularly go early with Mark to do technical productions stuff. I think Austin is now completely trained on how to set-up and take down the cameras. He LOVES getting to help dad, or Diddy Kong, as he and Abi both call Mark these days.
Abi and Austin doing their part to serve 

If you didn't know it, fall little league baseball is in full swing. Austin has played 4 out of 10 of his games for the season. I am really glad that he chose to play baseball this season, even after the option of getting to play soccer or basketball! I secretly wish he would stick with baseball because I LOVE watching him play. He has been playing short stop, which from what I can gather, is a pretty important job. So far this season, his team has won 2 games, lost 1, and tied 1. Austin has also made lot of new friends on his team. The Coach's son made his first home run in the last game! We are thinking Austin will probably play spring ball in a more competitive league than he is now. This is a big decision because of the cost and mostly the time it will require. Right now, Austin can have up to 3 practices or games a week (between the two) and there is no solidity to the schedule. As you can imagine, our schedule has been trampled on! Not only has Austin made new friends, Mark and I have too. Which is nice!
 Mark playing catch with Austin before one of his games

 Austin in action!

In all of this madness, Mark and I managed to have a date night during Parent's Night Out. We had dinner at a new mongolian grill...and it was DELICIOUS!!!! We ended the night early, picked up the kids, and went home. We were expecting two very special guests: Jimmie and Jacalynn (my brother and niece). Although Jimmie stayed with us, he had drill for the Army reserves at Ellington on Saturday and Sunday; so, Jacalynn was the only one with us during the day. When Abi woke up on the Monday morning after they had left, she said,"I miss baby Jacalynn"! She sure does love her cousin!!
 Snapped a pic on the way out the door for our date!

Jacalynn, she's so sweet!

 Abi, Austin, and Jacalynn Saturday morning before baseball practice

 Abi and Shawny hanging out Saturday night

 Austin and Kenzie on Saturday night

 Abi and Jacalynn in their matching dresses I found for them!

 My three favorite kids

This past Tuesday, Austin, Abi, Cameron, and I went to the Health Museum. We had a TON of fun!!!

 Fitting where the liver goes

 This 27 foot long rope, is supposed to be comparable to your intestine. Cool, huh?

 A hologram in the eye section

 This was Austin's favorite thing from the museum, a skeleton that moves on a bike next to you as you pedal.

 A section on DNA and genetics where I discreetly avoided the 6 very vivid life size models of the miracle of life

 A 4-D movie, 'Planet You' was VERY cool

 Mindball, using brainwaves to move the ball in the middle

Moving the ball Abi-style

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unable (Sometimes Unwilling) to Keep Up

I can't believe how fast the days seem to be going by! It has been almost two weeks since I've posted, but I feel like it was yesterday! On my mind:
  •  There are 49 days left until Thanksgiving and 74 days until Christmas, I need to start my Christmas shopping.
  • Austin's baseball schedule is nuts, how am I going to make a fair balance?
  • I feel like our homeschooling routine is getting boring...I need to spice it up!
  • Fall Festival is just around the corner...I need to get together costumes.
  • I need to sew the oh-so cute things I have promised!
  • Field trip soon?
  • Small group stuff, need I say more?
  • What's up with Abi and that gross sounding cough? Allergies hit again!
  • I really need to go to the grocery store...I hate grocery shopping...
  • How can I motivate Abi to like reading?
  • I need more time with Mark, I wonder what he's doing right now?
  • Should I take classes next semester, how is that going to work with homeschooling?
  • I still don't know what I want to do for my craft for Friday school tomorrow
  • Oh, yeah, I have a lunch date with Naomi, I hope we make it there by 1
  • Jenny's baby shower is Saturday, sad that I may miss it
  • Austin's first game is Saturday, I am excited for him...Need to find red belt for uniform...and make sure uniform is clean for Saturday
  • Football game Saturday night with the family, Abi really wants to go to girls night at gymnastics, but I can't be in two places at once!
  • Weight watchers is kicking my butt the last couple of weeks
  • Buying the kids winter clothes on a budget, did I mention Christmas is coming up?
  • Family issues, helpless, nothing I can do to help!
  • I need to make that PowerPoint for Sunday, why can't it just make itself?
  • Have I fed the dogs this morning?
  • Gees I've been a stinky friend, when was the last time I talked to _____(fill in the blank with your name)?
  • What am I making for dinner again tonight? Wait, what are we having for lunch first?
  • Homeschool, homeschool, and more homeschool!!!! (Choose a direction and go with it!)

And that was just the last minute or so! So, maybe you can see why I am unable, and sometimes unwilling, to keep up! So much to do, so little time...this is me slowing down to cherish some memories we've made!

Family time in the front yard
 Abi relaxing in the grass

 Me and Abi laying the grass waiting for the rain to come!

 Mark attempting to play catch with can see how it might be difficult!

Breakfast on the back porch

Lost a front tooth!!!!!

 2010 Race for the Cure; Me, Melinda, and Lizzie (SO much fun!!)

 Austin making a catch

 Playing catch with Austin in the backyard
Abi being Abi 

 Abi and I being super goofy!

My (sometimes) sweet girl!

Me and my love

A day at the Park



More Baseball

As you can see, we have been pretty busy. I also had a birthday somewhere in there...but I didn't get very many pictures from the gatherings.
I snagged these from Brandy:
Brandy, me, and Jessica 

Melinda, Brandy, and Me