Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shaker Shaker Noise Maker

We don't do nearly as many art projects in school as we should. My fault. I lack the patients it requires to pick up the millions of pieces of scraps kids somehow create, and I still can't seem to get the "washable" marker off of my kitchen table! But the kids and I came up with the idea to make noise makers for Austin's first baseball game. Here's what we did:

grabbed a few empty plastic bottles from the recycling bin 

washed and dried them (I stuck the paper towel in there to help snatch the moisture. I learned this neat trick somewhere, can't remember where. I also fold one and put it in the bottom of the garbage can after I wash the can to prevent that old wet plastic smell!) 

We went on a nature walk and collected pebbles, and Abi started a rock collection 

I already had red spray paint on hand, although I can't remember what I used it for before!!! 

Then we sprayed!

I forgot to get a picture of the finished product, but they were a hit at the game!!! Austin would remind us from the dugout box to shake them when he gets up to bat!!! 

It was an awesome game to open the season! If I remember correctly, Austin had 3 RBIs and hit a double. He also scored once. His team, the Vipers, beat the D-Backs (which coincidentally was his teams name from the fall season) 25-7.

Warming up 

The 3rd baseman 


Abi even had a little fun with the other little sisters! They happened to find a toad deep in a hole...poor little toad!
 The girls watching the toad, I think they were trying to get it out of the hole!

Oh look, they succeeded!!! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to the Basics

It's days like yesterday that make me want to have a LOT of alone time. Full of arguing kids, dirty clothes,and grocery lists. But then there are nights like tonight that make me remember with gratefulness why I love being a mom and having a family to call my own.

This morning started with fussing at Austin and Abi because they weren't happy about doing there school work. I asked them to make sure that they were fully dressed to include a good brushing, the living room free of any of their toys and all the blankets and pillows returned to their rightful place by the time I got out of the shower. They were so engrossed in the cartoon that they were watching that they only got dressed without brushing teeth. That's it. I won't lie, I was pretty upset! The consequence is that they lost TV for the rest of today and tomorrow. I told them that since the cartoon had been their distraction from doing what I asked, then they would have to lose that privilege for a while. It didn't end there. Once Austin got started he was fine, but it was a battle with Abi almost all day. She was so against doing her school work that she still had quite a bit to do when we returned home after her dance class.

When we returned home Mark was already home. I don't know about you guys, but the TV is a 'must' in our house. I actually enjoy the silence when home alone, but Mark can not stand to not have the TV just ON for the sake of having it ON! I was surprised to see that when I came in the house the TV was off. Austin  immediately ran out to play soccer with his friends. I got started cooking dinner and Mark and Abi giggled together on the couch. I love seeing Mark interact with our kid-o's. He's such an AWESOME dad!! He can make them laugh like no other! I thought to myself, as I watched and listened to them, that I am so blessed. THIS is my life, and how amazing it is!!!

After dinner and baths, Abi still was working on her school work. She was camped out next to me while I played a few games of UNO with Austin; which he totally beat me at!!! Mark was watching us while he worked on some stuff for work. The dogs laid practically on top of Austin. We were laughing and trash talking. I love my family. I love laughing with them. I love spending time playing cards with them. I love laughing at them when the dog sneezes all over them.

The night wouldn't be complete without tucking the kids in at bedtime. We pray with each of them, I laughed some more with Austin and then read some Junie B. Jones with Abi. When I came downstairs Mark played this song for me:

All around it was a night to make me remember and want to return to the basics of what it takes to be a good mom and have great family time!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Sweet Treat!

Earlier in the year Abi said she wanted a birthday party with 'lots of sweets'! Knowing how much she loves to cook, I asked her if a baking party would do. She agreed to it and had a short guest list of just 4 other children. (I'm not super woman, baking with 5 kids that do not know measurements and a couple that are just getting good at reading is about the best I can do!) She anxiously awaited the arrival of her guests, asking just about every 5 minutes if it was time for her party yet!!!
Girlie cupcake liners

5 stations, 5 recipes

Ingredients galore!!!

Make sure the bitter and cream cheese is softened!

This has been my project for the past week or so. I made each guest an apron with either a matching apron for their doll or a chef's hat.

Can you tell which one is for Luke?

A baker needs their tools! Spoons and spatulas

Abi and Rebecca waiting for their guests to arrive

Let the party begin!!
Alicia, Sofi, Abi and Luke

While waiting for their cupcakes to bake, Abi opened gifts. Luke gave her a charm bracelet with a little puppy dog on it! Sofi and Alicia brought her a barbie and a blank book set that allows her to create her own book. I think the best present she received was getting to do her favorite things, eat and cook, with some of her favorite friends!
Luke giving Abi her bracelet

The finished product! Top to bottom, left to right: Orange dreamcicle, chocolate, strawberry, carrot cake, and mint chocolate chip

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Break to Remember!

I'm not sure who had more fun this spring or the kids! We were off to a slow start on Monday, but by Tuesday, our week was full of fun things to do! Tuesday we went to the park and played outside a lot. Wednesday we met Naomi, Grace and Meredith at Telge Park to play and have a picnic. Thursday we used a couple of free passes we had been saving for jumping at Pump It Up. Friday we met Sarah, Micah, Caleb, Lizzie, Luke, Kelly, and Pacey at Chuck E Cheese for playing and pizza! After CEC, Alisha dropped by to pick up Austin and Abi to go to Grammy's for the weekend. Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to the Benders. Then, we hit the road to go to Conroe for my first ever Warrior Dash. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Okay, the run was not that much fun, but my friends are AWESOME! My allergies had been acting up for a few days, progressively getting worse even with meds and vitamins. So, that made my run challenging. Luckily, Lizzie stayed with me the entire time. Even when I had to walk! Otherwise, they may have had to send a search party after me!! I'm not sure how we ended up with friends that are so much fun, but I am thankful for them!!!

 Chuck E Cheese bound!

 Sarah and Pacey, the cutie pa-tootie!

 Mark getting us to Warrior Dash

Sluz, excited about the run!!!! 

On the shuttle, Sluz and me 

Some REAL WARRIORS! The Avatar, Air-Bender, and Warren as a wrestler...though I have no idea which one!!! 

 Dani- yes, she ran 3.1 miles in FLANNEL pajamas!!! Lizzie, cute socks!

Before, aren't we clean?
 back row, left to right: Steve, Jared, Sluz,Rupert. Javier, Javier's friend, Warren, Me, Justin, Matt (not sure if that was his name) Lizzie, Dani

Rupert, Justin, Warren

Lizzie's friend, Bridgett, Lizzie, Dani, Sluz, Me
Sluz and Dani...playing in the mud?

Me and Sluz!!!!

After the race, not so clean anymore!!!!

A couple of stories from the kids' adventure to Grammy and Papa's house:

Alisha, Austin, Abi, and Alisha's dog, Hunny Bun (a tiny yorkie) went down to look at the pond. Abi asked Alisha if Hunny Bun swims. Alisha told Abi, "not willingly". Abi then asked how Alisha got her to swim then? Alisha told her that she throws her in the water. Abi asked, "won't she drown then?" Alisha said, "No, dogs just know how to swim." So, Abi proceeded to pick Hunny Bun up and chunk her out into the pond!!! As Hunny Bun swam back to shore and walked out of the water, Abi laughed hysterically and said she looked like a wet squirrel!

Mom and Alisha took Austin and Abi down to the pond to fish. They didn't have any bait, so mom grabbed 2 cans of vienna sausages and a couple of slices of bread to use for bait. By the time they finished baiting the first hook, Abi had eaten both cans of vienna sausages!! Mom then sent Austin back to the house to get some of the leftover fried chicken (which is what the kids ask Mom to make every time they visit) from the night before. They caught their first fish with the chicken, and Austin said, "even fish like Grammy's fried chicken!!"

They had so much fun at their Grammy and Papa;s house!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in a Good Day's Work

This morning, my day started of much like that of June Cleaver, except not. I woke up around 4AM in much need of some sinus relief. After taking a mixture of 4 medications, I managed to doze back off. Only to wake again at 8AM feeling like someone hit me in the head with a shovel! I once again took a medi cocktail, and relief set in...for a couple of hours. Allergies are kicking my butt this spring. So, during some of my finer moments today, I managed to get a few things done. We started the day with a picnic at Telge Park, which coincidentally, was also the MOPS picnic day as well! I saw lots of fellow moms that I knew!

I was up late last night finishing a quilt for Alisha, my little sis, that she plans to gift at a baby shower. I ran short on trim, so we stopped on our way home from the park to pick some up. While we were at my second home, JoAnn's, I fell IN LOVE with some fabric (nothing out of the ordinary) and decided that it would make an adorable summer top for Abi. I picked up a yard of it and then we headed home. I put the finishing touches on the quilt for my sister, and then made Abi's top. I couldn't stop there, she needed a bow to match! Somewhere in between my sewing and bow making, we played outside for a couple of hours, had dinner together, and my yuckness sent me to my room for a cat nap.
Dinosaur Quilt- tough one to make!!!

LOVE this fabric, I can't wait until she gets to wear it! I didn't make the shorts, if you were wondering!!

So pretty, I could look at it all day!

We've been up to a couple of other things this spring break. Abi started the break with Jedi training with her best buddy Luke! Oddly enough, as the only girl, she got to play the part of Princess Leia!
Princess Leia hair

Austin started his break with baseball practice! The season opens next Saturday, the 26th. I can't wait to see my little man get up to bat, grinning ear to ear!!! Now that warms a Mommy's heart!!!

Warming up with Dad 

Mark playing catch with Austin

This past Sunday on our way out of church, Austin and Abi ran and sat on this bench and insisted that I snap a pic of them...I love their goofiness! I have no idea where they get it from! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Year in the Books

I remember thinking when Austin was tiny,  I have so much time before he's big! Not true at all. Time flies. Here it is now, a year from Abi's 6th birthday! Today my baby turns 7. SEVEN! How did that happen??? In this post I would like to reflect back over the year:
Last year's celebration: face paint, lunch at the Rainforest cafe, and a movie
Austin, Abi, and Luke

Best friend for a best birthday!
Luke and Abi

Easter 2010
Abi and Austin

Met some new friends
Abi and Alex

Had some girl time, first manicure!

Celebrated Austin's birthday with lunch at the Aquarium
Becca, Abi, Huge Fish, and Austin

Wrote Mommy some sweet letters

Cut your hair short for the first time!
(if you're anything like Mommy, it won't be the last!)

Austin taught you how to play Chess, coincidentally, you won you're first game!
Austin and Abi

Spent a week at Grammy's and Papa's house over the summer
Abi, Grammy, and Austin

Two adult teeth pushed your first baby tooth right out, lost your first tooth!

Worked on your fashion sense!

Got to hang out with your cousins
Zay, Abi, Austin, and Bastian

Finished Kindergarten, started first and then second in Homeschool.

Started Gymnastics

Spent time being goofy!

Met your new cousin for the first time
Abi and Jacalynn

Halloween 2010
Luke, Iron Man and Abi, Black Widow

Hung around with Daddy!

More new friends
Rebecca and Abi

Had an American Girl tea party
Sofi, Abi, and Alicia

Did some science experiments

Did some baking

Started reading your first chapter book

Had Mermaid hair courtesy of Ms Wendy

Fashion Foot Fives with Daddy, last one as a 6 year old!

You're growing into a beautiful young lady

Happy Birthday my Princess!

Even if it means blowing out the candles at 6AM

And chocolate cake for breakfast ...and presents too!

We are so blessed to call you our daughter!