Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Break to Remember!

I'm not sure who had more fun this spring or the kids! We were off to a slow start on Monday, but by Tuesday, our week was full of fun things to do! Tuesday we went to the park and played outside a lot. Wednesday we met Naomi, Grace and Meredith at Telge Park to play and have a picnic. Thursday we used a couple of free passes we had been saving for jumping at Pump It Up. Friday we met Sarah, Micah, Caleb, Lizzie, Luke, Kelly, and Pacey at Chuck E Cheese for playing and pizza! After CEC, Alisha dropped by to pick up Austin and Abi to go to Grammy's for the weekend. Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to the Benders. Then, we hit the road to go to Conroe for my first ever Warrior Dash. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Okay, the run was not that much fun, but my friends are AWESOME! My allergies had been acting up for a few days, progressively getting worse even with meds and vitamins. So, that made my run challenging. Luckily, Lizzie stayed with me the entire time. Even when I had to walk! Otherwise, they may have had to send a search party after me!! I'm not sure how we ended up with friends that are so much fun, but I am thankful for them!!!

 Chuck E Cheese bound!

 Sarah and Pacey, the cutie pa-tootie!

 Mark getting us to Warrior Dash

Sluz, excited about the run!!!! 

On the shuttle, Sluz and me 

Some REAL WARRIORS! The Avatar, Air-Bender, and Warren as a wrestler...though I have no idea which one!!! 

 Dani- yes, she ran 3.1 miles in FLANNEL pajamas!!! Lizzie, cute socks!

Before, aren't we clean?
 back row, left to right: Steve, Jared, Sluz,Rupert. Javier, Javier's friend, Warren, Me, Justin, Matt (not sure if that was his name) Lizzie, Dani

Rupert, Justin, Warren

Lizzie's friend, Bridgett, Lizzie, Dani, Sluz, Me
Sluz and Dani...playing in the mud?

Me and Sluz!!!!

After the race, not so clean anymore!!!!

A couple of stories from the kids' adventure to Grammy and Papa's house:

Alisha, Austin, Abi, and Alisha's dog, Hunny Bun (a tiny yorkie) went down to look at the pond. Abi asked Alisha if Hunny Bun swims. Alisha told Abi, "not willingly". Abi then asked how Alisha got her to swim then? Alisha told her that she throws her in the water. Abi asked, "won't she drown then?" Alisha said, "No, dogs just know how to swim." So, Abi proceeded to pick Hunny Bun up and chunk her out into the pond!!! As Hunny Bun swam back to shore and walked out of the water, Abi laughed hysterically and said she looked like a wet squirrel!

Mom and Alisha took Austin and Abi down to the pond to fish. They didn't have any bait, so mom grabbed 2 cans of vienna sausages and a couple of slices of bread to use for bait. By the time they finished baiting the first hook, Abi had eaten both cans of vienna sausages!! Mom then sent Austin back to the house to get some of the leftover fried chicken (which is what the kids ask Mom to make every time they visit) from the night before. They caught their first fish with the chicken, and Austin said, "even fish like Grammy's fried chicken!!"

They had so much fun at their Grammy and Papa;s house!!!!

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