Monday, March 7, 2011

Rodeo Houston, Again...

I recall the rodeo being so much more fun when I was a kid. With each passing year, I realize that it is an over priced waste of time. While I do like watching the actual rodeo portion, I have not at all been WOW-ed by the performances I've been to in my adult life. Nevertheless, we will probably continue to go each year, not for us, but for Austin and Abi. This year we went to see Selena Gomez, again. And it isn't that she is not a talented's that we do not listen to any of her music. So, neither AJB knew any of the songs she sang, with the exception of one or two. Also, I'll have to remind myself next year before we go, we sat in line for an hour just to PARK!!!! That is nuts! Well, you get what you get I guess! 

Abi, Becca, Kenzie, and Austin in front of Reliant Stadium

Me and Kenzie

Mark and Me

Austin and Becca


Abi and Mark

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Sarah said...

AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! SACRILEGE! Did you just say the rodeo is a waste of time? Girlie you need to come with me and Terry sometime. Ain't no better night spent all year ('cept christmas maybe) than a night at the Houston Rodeo! I'm with you though- Selena was probably not that great of a concert. And an hour to park-- eesh! Better luck next year.