Monday, March 7, 2011

Look Out Bob, I'm Jen the Builder

Okay, so I didn't really "build" anything. Unless, using a staple gun to staple some wood together is considered building.

I have been super excited about this project since it was just a tiny jolt of power in my thought light bulb! Abi's birthday is March 11. She will be a whopping 7! She has requested that her American Girl, Rebecca, get a friend for her birthday. Since the dolls are so expensive, we decided to just accessorize Rebecca with a few extra items. I purchased a couple of things on e-bay, good as new. And I remembered that Papa had bought a Abi a doll bed a few years ago at a flea market, I supposed it sat in the attic covered in webs.


A coat of spray paint, few boards staples together for a new headboard, some oh-so-chic fabric....and you have yourself a CUTE bed set!!!!


I wish I were small enough to snuggle up in those cozy blankets!

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