Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All in a Good Day's Work

This morning, my day started of much like that of June Cleaver, except not. I woke up around 4AM in much need of some sinus relief. After taking a mixture of 4 medications, I managed to doze back off. Only to wake again at 8AM feeling like someone hit me in the head with a shovel! I once again took a medi cocktail, and relief set in...for a couple of hours. Allergies are kicking my butt this spring. So, during some of my finer moments today, I managed to get a few things done. We started the day with a picnic at Telge Park, which coincidentally, was also the MOPS picnic day as well! I saw lots of fellow moms that I knew!

I was up late last night finishing a quilt for Alisha, my little sis, that she plans to gift at a baby shower. I ran short on trim, so we stopped on our way home from the park to pick some up. While we were at my second home, JoAnn's, I fell IN LOVE with some fabric (nothing out of the ordinary) and decided that it would make an adorable summer top for Abi. I picked up a yard of it and then we headed home. I put the finishing touches on the quilt for my sister, and then made Abi's top. I couldn't stop there, she needed a bow to match! Somewhere in between my sewing and bow making, we played outside for a couple of hours, had dinner together, and my yuckness sent me to my room for a cat nap.
Dinosaur Quilt- tough one to make!!!

LOVE this fabric, I can't wait until she gets to wear it! I didn't make the shorts, if you were wondering!!

So pretty, I could look at it all day!

We've been up to a couple of other things this spring break. Abi started the break with Jedi training with her best buddy Luke! Oddly enough, as the only girl, she got to play the part of Princess Leia!
Princess Leia hair

Austin started his break with baseball practice! The season opens next Saturday, the 26th. I can't wait to see my little man get up to bat, grinning ear to ear!!! Now that warms a Mommy's heart!!!

Warming up with Dad 

Mark playing catch with Austin

This past Sunday on our way out of church, Austin and Abi ran and sat on this bench and insisted that I snap a pic of them...I love their goofiness! I have no idea where they get it from! 

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