Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daring to love and all that Jazz

So, it's been a couple of days since I lasted posted....right now, I am taking a much needed break from a paper that I am writing for my Intro to Human Development class. The paper is about Piaget and his theory on cognitive stuff I tell ya! On a lighter note, our small group is working on their 3rd week of the Love Dare. I think they are enjoying it...I know Mark and I are. To spice it up a bit, Mark and I even have a date tonght! Okay, so it's not my idea of the perfect date, but I take what I can get. These days with kids in the mix, dates don't come so easily! We are going with a friend of mine from high school and her husband to the Rockets game. Mark is so excited because B-ball is his number one sport, we have courtside seats, passes to the Lexus Lounge for free food, and he will get to see LaBron(sp?) James play. I myself am not much of a basketball buff, but if it makes my guy happy, then I'm happy! Plus I got to buy us matching Rocket shirts (what could be cuter, and better than that?) The free food part is also very gave us a good excuse to call a cheat night on our fat-free diet! The diet is going VERY well, I am pleased with my results thus far. Mark has lost 6.5 pounds and I have lost 10 pounds in the past 10 days. The food selection is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and thanks to my trusty new cookbook, the HungryGirl cookbook, finding meals is easy as fat-free pie! Last night we had some of the yummiest egg rolls I've ever had! Check out the website: I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal, but at least I'm making some headway! Poor Mark is just along for the ride! Anyways, keep checking, I hope to have lots of fun pics from the Rockets game!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looking forward

It's that time of year where I really start to look forward to the many things coming up. February is kind a busy month for birthday parties (because it seems like every kid we know was born between January 25 and February 14)!!! For Valentine's day we traveled to my parents' house in Jewet (TX). We got there later Friday night and didn't go to sleep until late! My mom had to work most of Saturday so we spent Saturday running errands trying to help the parentals prepare for the fish fry that they threw for my grandfather's 84th birthday. I peeled and deveined 8 pounds of shrimp.Yea. I also spent the evening cleaning out my closet in my room there. When my parents moved into that house I had already moved most of my stuff because Mark and I had already gotten married. I found about 8 of my cabbage patches. I also have my Barbie collection still there. The last time Mark and I counted them (about 2 years ago) I have about 100 Barbies still in there boxes. I have the entire 'I Love Lucy' collection and (as far as I know) all of the 'Little Debbie' Barbie collection. Even though it is my collection (started in 1992) I think my mom is more attached to it!!!

This weekend we have a birthday party and a Connection Night...yeah, grown ups get to hang out together without night and food, what could be better? I have a test Monday, a paper due Friday and another due the following Monday. March is going to be another busy month. Abi's birthday is the 11th and we are camping on the 20th to celebrate. Spring Break is somewhere in there also!

Starting in April, Abi will be playing t-ball through the YMCA. She is very excited but wants to know why her team Astros hat is not pink. I told her that we will add some glitter to make it girly.

No pictures for this post, I keep forgetting to take my camera everywhere we go.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I have been blessed

My angels! Austin and Abi (and her trusty tiger, Soccerball)

That's right, VERY blessed with a loving family and friends. I am so thankful for Mark, I couldn't ask for anyone as great at understanding me and loving me just the way I am (Monday, Feb 9 makes 8 years that we have been together). I am thankful for Austin and Abi, even when they have their moments (or I have mine) we have unconditional love for each other. I am thankful for great friends that you can share laughs with and talk about old times. With life flying by so quickly, I just want to stay in this moment when I can clearly recognize the things that truely matter. Thank you God for the things you have given me, I just pray that I can be a blessing to others as they have been to me!
Me and Naomi- friends of 20 years
Angie and Jenny
A girls night out catching up

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things

April tagged me to write 25 things about myself...I now tag Naomi, Jenni D, Jennifer W. Jennifer J. and Lori Roberson. So get to writing ladies!

1. I LOVE coffee (Millstone Hazelnut cream with carmel vanilla creamer is my favorite!)
2. I have a pillow that my grandmother made for me when I was about 4 that I still sleep with (it's a round bright green pillow).
3. I do not like sleeping in hotels; but if I have to, I like to take my own sheets and sterilize the bathroom before using it!
4. I enjoy spending time by myself (especially when it's quiet)!
5. I clean to relax and I can not relax unless my house is clean!
6. I could live without a TV.
7. I HATE for dogs (or any animal) to lick's my form of nails on a chalkboard.
8. I love gardens, but I can not keep a plant alive to save my life!
9. I love sewing, it helps me think!
10. I do not like to talk on the phone.
11. I don't really have a favorite color; it depends on the day of the week...
12. I love to shop, especially for good deals.
13. I am the middle child (older brother, younger sister)
14. I have a difficult time understanding how most people think.
15. I usually get over things that people do that upset me without anyone knowing that it bothered me.
16. Driving over big bridges (especially over water) scares the ba-gee-bies out of me! I'm am afraid the brdge will collapse over water and I won't be able to get both of my kid-o's out of the car at the same time.
17. I like to watch Hannah Montana- it's cute!
18. One of my favorite vocalists is 'Jewel' (Abi is named after her and my Grandmother- Tulla Jewel)
19. I do not like cake. (but if it's chocolate, I'll eat it!)
20. I like broccoli and brussel sprouts.
21. My hope for Austin is that he takes advantage of his love for music, and that Abi takes advantage of her love for art.
22. I have road rage!
23. I fell out of a tree when I was younger and had to get three stitches in my head.
24. My brother and I knocked my sister two front teeth out when she was about 3 by throwing her backwards on her stomach down a slip and splash.
25. I played volleyball, the flute, and swam on the swimming team in junior high.