Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer of events!

I don't know about you guys, but broccoli and brussel sprouts as a kid were out of the question for me! Shockingly, Abi LOVES brussel sprouts (Austin does not) and they both LOVE broccoli! When it comes to eating, Abi could out eat a grown man!!! A couple nights ago we had brussel sprouts, she loaded up her plate with the rest of them...

A couple of days ago we also had Maddox (or Xamod as he is known by the Brewer family)- They were so excited about going swimming, they put on their swim suits around 10am- the pool does not open until noon! So, below is how they spent their morning- swim suits and power ranger dress up! You can not tell, but in the pic Maddox has a power ranger mask, a cowboy hat, his swim trunks, and cowboy boots...they were so funny!

Abi, Austin, and Xamod

During the summer, Rave theaters offer free movies for kids. Austin, Abi and I met up with Naomi, Mer, and Grace, and Lizzie, Luke and Kelly to see Surf's Up. A cute movie, but I probably would not let them see it again (some inappropriate language for 5 year old such as shut up and stupid, which we do not use in our house). After the movie we headed over to Chick-fil-a for lunch and play. While crawling through the tubes, Luke hit his head on something (we aren't sure what) and acquired a nice 1inch gash above his eye. Lizzie rushed him to the ER where he got 9 stitches! We went to drop Kelly off afterwards, and Luke was up and around like nothing had happened! He is a tough little boy!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First B-ball game

Austin had his first basketball game this past Saturday. He scored one basket and had two assists. He LOVES basketball, just like his dad! He was full of energy and a great team player, passing the ball when someone else had a better shot. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of his shots on film, but I did get some footage of him playing. Mark is coaching, of course, and is REALLY enjoying it! In this video, Austin is the one with the ball moving from the left of the screen to the right- he passes it to his teammate, and his teammate takes the shot.

Team huddle after the game!

VBS and more

This past week was a very BUSY week, but a great one! We met friends at the drive-in; the Drolet kid-o's were out before the first movie was over! They must be on nothing but go! We saw 'Up!' and 'Night at the Museum' part 2. They were both good, but left us all tired for the early morning to follow!

Glory, Justus, and Grace knocked out!

This past Monday through Friday we had Vacation Bible School at our church. My kids LOVE VBS! After it was over, Austin said, "I can't wait until next years' VBS!" The theme this year was "It all comes back to Jesus" and symbolized with a boomarang. The kids not only got to learn different Bible stories, but also a little about Australia. What makes VBS so fun you ask? Our Youth Band rocks the house!!!! They were known as the Cowboy band (last year the Pirate Band), and are nothing but awesome entertainment! They even dress the part!
Getting the day started (left to right) Levi, Austin, Cameron, and Abi
Uncle Jimbo sent the kid-o's a little somethin' special for their birthdays- Abi got a little pony that she instantly fell in love with! She named it Apple and it hasn't left her side since! Thanks Uncle Jimbo!

Abi and Apple

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heroes and Villains

Today we had a very relaxing and casual family day! Abi woke up at 6:30 this morning because the dogs have learned that if they need to go outside, Abi usually lets them out! So, the pups will lick her hands and jump on the side of her bed until she wakes up to let them out!
Nothing special here, just thought Bandit was sitting funny on the last stairs!
Mark took the kids for a surprise run for donuts, and then did some yard work. After that Abi insisted on us going to the pool so she could show Mark that she can swim without her life jacket! We swam for about an hour and then came home. Abi and I had to get ready for our 'Mommy date'! Taunya, a good friend and ice skating coach, invited us to see her team perform their spring/summer theatrical performance. The theme was 'Heroes and Villains'; some of the different performances were Batman, Star Wars, Little Mermaid, Wizard of Oz, Annie, Power Puff Girls, Cruela Devil, etc. Abi and I both had a great time- Abi has decided that she wants to be an ice skater; however, we all know how t-ball went. So, I'll let her actually put on a pair of skates before I register her to learn how to figure skate!
Me and Abi
Taunya's Crew, Cameron, Javier, and Remington
Abi playing on the ice during intermission
Abi and Cameron

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let the good times roll...

This evening Austin continued his rise to stardom with his latest song (written by him)! These are the lyrics, he may be tweeking them later:

I love my mom and dad
I love my puppies
I even love my little sister
I love my family (repeat three times)
It's the best family

On another note, we have had a great summer thus far. Monday we laid around and did a whole lot of nothing...we did manage to make a trip to the library. Tuesday we survived the trip to the courthouse...surprisingly, the line was not that bad, about a 15 minute wait. We also had a little fun in the sun: we went swimming, followed by Austin's first basketball practice. Wednesday we went swimming again, but this time we were joined by Naomi, Grace, and Meredith. Today we worked on VBS stuff. This evening Austin and Abi decided to share their left over watermelon with Bandit and Peaches- Those dogs LOVE fruit and veggies of all kinds! We looking forward to a possible visit to the drive in movie theater to see 'Up' and 'Night at the Museum'. Summer really is full of fun!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8 Years and Counting

June 9, 2001- June 9, 2009: Mark and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary yesterday! It doesn't feel like it's been so long, but I guess time flies when you're having fun! This is a picture taken shortly after we said 'I do'! We were married in Wichita Falls, Texas- on a HOT Texas Saturday morning! Angie lost Mark's wedding ring on the long walk to the waterfall, and Michelle locked her keys in the car. Naomi and Mark couldn't make it out of Houston because Tropical Storm Allison hit causing serious damage! What a momentous day!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is here!

I spend most of the year anticipating the warmth of summer! Once it actually gets here, I'm ready for it to be over, the heat that is...not the vacation! Every weekend since Memorial day weekend we have been swimming nonstop! It certainly is hot enough, plus the kids really enjoy it. The Nelson family had our small group over Saturday for hamburgers, hot dogs and a pool party. We had a great time hanging out, relaxing, and watching the kids play.
Austin and Abi swimming
Mark Robo and My Mark 'trying' to play washers (even though my Mark keeps getting beat by girls!)
Lori playing washers and Marisa relaxing
The kids & John Taylor (the only one brave enough to get in!) in the hot tub, once the sun went down it got kind of cool!
Sunday morning we went to church then came home and took a MUCH NEEDED nap. Afterwards, we headed over to Aunt Marie's house to celebrate Deve's b-day with bbq and a dip in the pool!
Abi and Deve
Austin had his 7 year check up today- he is tall and skinny like Mark! He is 49 lbs- 45% 48.5 inches tall-50%. The doc said he's doing great, and the best part, NO SHOTS! We also managed to make it to the library this afternoon, but left before the 'welcome summer' party! Thanks goodness, the crowds were crazy! Tomorrow it's a trip to the courthouse to renew my already expired tags...yeah....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit from friends

We try to end every school year with ice cream for the family. This year, Sonic offered free root beer floats. We invited a couple of our neighbors to ride along for the treat. We decided one wasn't enough and made our way to Kroger to get ice cream and some root beer to make our own. They were super yummy!

So, Austin came running downstairs yesterday morning with his first tooth in hand. We had attempted to pull it out Tuesday night...we loosened it greatly, but it didn't come out. He did finally pull it out on his own. He put it under his pillow last night...and the tooth fairy FORGOT to visit...can you believe that lady? (I feel just terrible!) In my defense, Austin stayed up almost as late as Mark and I reading a new chapter book I got him from the library! (I still feel terrible!) Hopefully that little fairy won't forget tonight!
Also, yesterday, Me and the kid-o's got to hang out with Grace and Meredith. We had a pretty cool day, with not a lot going on (just the way I like it!) Abi and Grace played in her kitchen and with her baby Abi. Austin entertained Meredith from time to time. The funny part was, Abi wanted so badly to play with just Austin, Austin tried very hard to play with just Grace, and Grace just wanted to play with Abi...They finally got into the hang of it and played together!
Abi and Grace
We've had a good start to the summer vacation. I think we will go swimming today, maybe have a picnic if it isn't too hot outside!