Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit from friends

We try to end every school year with ice cream for the family. This year, Sonic offered free root beer floats. We invited a couple of our neighbors to ride along for the treat. We decided one wasn't enough and made our way to Kroger to get ice cream and some root beer to make our own. They were super yummy!

So, Austin came running downstairs yesterday morning with his first tooth in hand. We had attempted to pull it out Tuesday night...we loosened it greatly, but it didn't come out. He did finally pull it out on his own. He put it under his pillow last night...and the tooth fairy FORGOT to visit...can you believe that lady? (I feel just terrible!) In my defense, Austin stayed up almost as late as Mark and I reading a new chapter book I got him from the library! (I still feel terrible!) Hopefully that little fairy won't forget tonight!
Also, yesterday, Me and the kid-o's got to hang out with Grace and Meredith. We had a pretty cool day, with not a lot going on (just the way I like it!) Abi and Grace played in her kitchen and with her baby Abi. Austin entertained Meredith from time to time. The funny part was, Abi wanted so badly to play with just Austin, Austin tried very hard to play with just Grace, and Grace just wanted to play with Abi...They finally got into the hang of it and played together!
Abi and Grace
We've had a good start to the summer vacation. I think we will go swimming today, maybe have a picnic if it isn't too hot outside!

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