Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let the good times roll...

This evening Austin continued his rise to stardom with his latest song (written by him)! These are the lyrics, he may be tweeking them later:

I love my mom and dad
I love my puppies
I even love my little sister
I love my family (repeat three times)
It's the best family

On another note, we have had a great summer thus far. Monday we laid around and did a whole lot of nothing...we did manage to make a trip to the library. Tuesday we survived the trip to the courthouse...surprisingly, the line was not that bad, about a 15 minute wait. We also had a little fun in the sun: we went swimming, followed by Austin's first basketball practice. Wednesday we went swimming again, but this time we were joined by Naomi, Grace, and Meredith. Today we worked on VBS stuff. This evening Austin and Abi decided to share their left over watermelon with Bandit and Peaches- Those dogs LOVE fruit and veggies of all kinds! We looking forward to a possible visit to the drive in movie theater to see 'Up' and 'Night at the Museum'. Summer really is full of fun!

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Lori Roberson said...

Just don't feed the dogs grapes or raisins. It shuts down their liver/kidneys.