Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer of events!

I don't know about you guys, but broccoli and brussel sprouts as a kid were out of the question for me! Shockingly, Abi LOVES brussel sprouts (Austin does not) and they both LOVE broccoli! When it comes to eating, Abi could out eat a grown man!!! A couple nights ago we had brussel sprouts, she loaded up her plate with the rest of them...

A couple of days ago we also had Maddox (or Xamod as he is known by the Brewer family)- They were so excited about going swimming, they put on their swim suits around 10am- the pool does not open until noon! So, below is how they spent their morning- swim suits and power ranger dress up! You can not tell, but in the pic Maddox has a power ranger mask, a cowboy hat, his swim trunks, and cowboy boots...they were so funny!

Abi, Austin, and Xamod

During the summer, Rave theaters offer free movies for kids. Austin, Abi and I met up with Naomi, Mer, and Grace, and Lizzie, Luke and Kelly to see Surf's Up. A cute movie, but I probably would not let them see it again (some inappropriate language for 5 year old such as shut up and stupid, which we do not use in our house). After the movie we headed over to Chick-fil-a for lunch and play. While crawling through the tubes, Luke hit his head on something (we aren't sure what) and acquired a nice 1inch gash above his eye. Lizzie rushed him to the ER where he got 9 stitches! We went to drop Kelly off afterwards, and Luke was up and around like nothing had happened! He is a tough little boy!


The Wood Family said...

that video is so funny! I assume that's austin starting the praise music?!

Anonymous said...

That video is precious! Austin can sing really well and the fact that he's singing my favorite song makes it even better. I think you have a budding young musician there, tell him I said to keep on rockin! Miss yall!!