Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer is here!

I spend most of the year anticipating the warmth of summer! Once it actually gets here, I'm ready for it to be over, the heat that is...not the vacation! Every weekend since Memorial day weekend we have been swimming nonstop! It certainly is hot enough, plus the kids really enjoy it. The Nelson family had our small group over Saturday for hamburgers, hot dogs and a pool party. We had a great time hanging out, relaxing, and watching the kids play.
Austin and Abi swimming
Mark Robo and My Mark 'trying' to play washers (even though my Mark keeps getting beat by girls!)
Lori playing washers and Marisa relaxing
The kids & John Taylor (the only one brave enough to get in!) in the hot tub, once the sun went down it got kind of cool!
Sunday morning we went to church then came home and took a MUCH NEEDED nap. Afterwards, we headed over to Aunt Marie's house to celebrate Deve's b-day with bbq and a dip in the pool!
Abi and Deve
Austin had his 7 year check up today- he is tall and skinny like Mark! He is 49 lbs- 45% 48.5 inches tall-50%. The doc said he's doing great, and the best part, NO SHOTS! We also managed to make it to the library this afternoon, but left before the 'welcome summer' party! Thanks goodness, the crowds were crazy! Tomorrow it's a trip to the courthouse to renew my already expired tags...yeah....

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