Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS and more

This past week was a very BUSY week, but a great one! We met friends at the drive-in; the Drolet kid-o's were out before the first movie was over! They must be on nothing but go! We saw 'Up!' and 'Night at the Museum' part 2. They were both good, but left us all tired for the early morning to follow!

Glory, Justus, and Grace knocked out!

This past Monday through Friday we had Vacation Bible School at our church. My kids LOVE VBS! After it was over, Austin said, "I can't wait until next years' VBS!" The theme this year was "It all comes back to Jesus" and symbolized with a boomarang. The kids not only got to learn different Bible stories, but also a little about Australia. What makes VBS so fun you ask? Our Youth Band rocks the house!!!! They were known as the Cowboy band (last year the Pirate Band), and are nothing but awesome entertainment! They even dress the part!
Getting the day started (left to right) Levi, Austin, Cameron, and Abi
Uncle Jimbo sent the kid-o's a little somethin' special for their birthdays- Abi got a little pony that she instantly fell in love with! She named it Apple and it hasn't left her side since! Thanks Uncle Jimbo!

Abi and Apple

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