Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Looking forward

It's that time of year where I really start to look forward to the many things coming up. February is kind a busy month for birthday parties (because it seems like every kid we know was born between January 25 and February 14)!!! For Valentine's day we traveled to my parents' house in Jewet (TX). We got there later Friday night and didn't go to sleep until late! My mom had to work most of Saturday so we spent Saturday running errands trying to help the parentals prepare for the fish fry that they threw for my grandfather's 84th birthday. I peeled and deveined 8 pounds of shrimp.Yea. I also spent the evening cleaning out my closet in my room there. When my parents moved into that house I had already moved most of my stuff because Mark and I had already gotten married. I found about 8 of my cabbage patches. I also have my Barbie collection still there. The last time Mark and I counted them (about 2 years ago) I have about 100 Barbies still in there boxes. I have the entire 'I Love Lucy' collection and (as far as I know) all of the 'Little Debbie' Barbie collection. Even though it is my collection (started in 1992) I think my mom is more attached to it!!!

This weekend we have a birthday party and a Connection Night...yeah, grown ups get to hang out together without night and food, what could be better? I have a test Monday, a paper due Friday and another due the following Monday. March is going to be another busy month. Abi's birthday is the 11th and we are camping on the 20th to celebrate. Spring Break is somewhere in there also!

Starting in April, Abi will be playing t-ball through the YMCA. She is very excited but wants to know why her team Astros hat is not pink. I told her that we will add some glitter to make it girly.

No pictures for this post, I keep forgetting to take my camera everywhere we go.


Lori Roberson said...

8 Cabbage Patches!!!! Wow, I only had one and had to wait forever for it. You were a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen pictures would be nice. but I have no room to talk, I hope to post some soon!! Nostalgia its great!

Jenni Deiderich said...

I hate deveining shrimp with a passion! You're a better woman than I to do all that!

The Wood Family said...

Dallas will be playing TBall in the spring too. He's very excited. I'm going to tell him Abi is playing too, he'll like that. Be sure to post some pics! oh my gosh, I knew we got along for some reason.....I only had 1 cabbage patch, but a TON of barbies, the silver corvette, a house, mcdonalds set, you name it! Stroll down memory lane.