Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Year in the Books

I remember thinking when Austin was tiny,  I have so much time before he's big! Not true at all. Time flies. Here it is now, a year from Abi's 6th birthday! Today my baby turns 7. SEVEN! How did that happen??? In this post I would like to reflect back over the year:
Last year's celebration: face paint, lunch at the Rainforest cafe, and a movie
Austin, Abi, and Luke

Best friend for a best birthday!
Luke and Abi

Easter 2010
Abi and Austin

Met some new friends
Abi and Alex

Had some girl time, first manicure!

Celebrated Austin's birthday with lunch at the Aquarium
Becca, Abi, Huge Fish, and Austin

Wrote Mommy some sweet letters

Cut your hair short for the first time!
(if you're anything like Mommy, it won't be the last!)

Austin taught you how to play Chess, coincidentally, you won you're first game!
Austin and Abi

Spent a week at Grammy's and Papa's house over the summer
Abi, Grammy, and Austin

Two adult teeth pushed your first baby tooth right out, lost your first tooth!

Worked on your fashion sense!

Got to hang out with your cousins
Zay, Abi, Austin, and Bastian

Finished Kindergarten, started first and then second in Homeschool.

Started Gymnastics

Spent time being goofy!

Met your new cousin for the first time
Abi and Jacalynn

Halloween 2010
Luke, Iron Man and Abi, Black Widow

Hung around with Daddy!

More new friends
Rebecca and Abi

Had an American Girl tea party
Sofi, Abi, and Alicia

Did some science experiments

Did some baking

Started reading your first chapter book

Had Mermaid hair courtesy of Ms Wendy

Fashion Foot Fives with Daddy, last one as a 6 year old!

You're growing into a beautiful young lady

Happy Birthday my Princess!

Even if it means blowing out the candles at 6AM

And chocolate cake for breakfast ...and presents too!

We are so blessed to call you our daughter!

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