Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Sweet Treat!

Earlier in the year Abi said she wanted a birthday party with 'lots of sweets'! Knowing how much she loves to cook, I asked her if a baking party would do. She agreed to it and had a short guest list of just 4 other children. (I'm not super woman, baking with 5 kids that do not know measurements and a couple that are just getting good at reading is about the best I can do!) She anxiously awaited the arrival of her guests, asking just about every 5 minutes if it was time for her party yet!!!
Girlie cupcake liners

5 stations, 5 recipes

Ingredients galore!!!

Make sure the bitter and cream cheese is softened!

This has been my project for the past week or so. I made each guest an apron with either a matching apron for their doll or a chef's hat.

Can you tell which one is for Luke?

A baker needs their tools! Spoons and spatulas

Abi and Rebecca waiting for their guests to arrive

Let the party begin!!
Alicia, Sofi, Abi and Luke

While waiting for their cupcakes to bake, Abi opened gifts. Luke gave her a charm bracelet with a little puppy dog on it! Sofi and Alicia brought her a barbie and a blank book set that allows her to create her own book. I think the best present she received was getting to do her favorite things, eat and cook, with some of her favorite friends!
Luke giving Abi her bracelet

The finished product! Top to bottom, left to right: Orange dreamcicle, chocolate, strawberry, carrot cake, and mint chocolate chip

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Shelley said...

Wow, what a wonderful party you gave! Love the aprons, and such a fantastic idea to have them make and decorate cupcakes! She'll remember it forever, thanks to her creative mommy! Thanks, Jen, for the very sweet comment you left for me - it totally made my day! Glad you like my blog, and glad I got to take a peek at yours too!