Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ending contracts

Since it is the end of my Air Force Contract, I find it appropriate to post some of my favorite and worst memories! Let's see, where to start...probably with my three most favorite memories: Mark, Austin, and Abi! Mark wrote to me everyday while I was in Basic training- which was 6 weeks and 4 days. Some good things about basic: great food (not that you get to eat very much of it!), some good people (my battle buddy...she had her days, but she was always lightened the mood), friends that seem to last forever (Michelle- my girl), a real sense of accomplishment (In warrior week they give you your very first Air Force coin while playing 'I'm Proud To Be An American'. Who wouldn't cry?!?) Some not so great things: push-ups, yelling, no sleep! In tech school phase I (Wichita Falls, Tx aka Arm pit of Texas) great things: phases! (we started off required to stay on base and wear our uniforms. As we phased up, which only came with time and good behavior, we were able to eventually have no curfew and were able to wear civilian clothes almost all the time.) Mark visited me every weekend; he would leave Friday after work and drive the 8-9 hour trip and then leave to return to Houston Sunday afternoon. We got married June 9, 2001. I don't really remember a lot happening outside of school...there was a lot of endless studying going on! And I got to learn how to low crawl with 170lb dummy on a stretcher, then load it into a helicopter, ambulance, or C-5. I also learned how to say my social security number in the gas chamber; which I'm finding to be kind of useless these days! Tech school phase II (Biloxi, MS) only lasted a month and I couldn't wait to get home! Took two weeks of leave in Houston, then reported to my one and only station, Little Rock AFB, AR. Though my stay there was not that great (outside of having two beautiful children) I did meet some great people (and some not so great people!)


Jenni Deiderich said...

I would have liked a by-name mention in that category of great people you met! Haha. I cried when you left, but I might have been the only one. =) Miss you!!

Steph said...

You guys both look so cute! Thanks for sharing those pics and congrats on the end of your contract!

Anonymous said...

Ahh such great memories!! Basic dont miss it!Oh remember getting to shoot M-16s? Not everyone can say they did that! To this day if I smell the perfume she was wearing I will get sick to my stomach!! Yes but that is where we did meet and how the years have flown by! Miss ya bad deadly diva! remember that? good times.