Friday, March 6, 2009

Science resources

Hey guys, this probably will not be a very entertaining blog, but here it is! This past Thursday Austin had his annual field trip to the science resource center. He got to learn about turtles, coral, and a couple other things. I did not make it this year, but Mark got to go. Because he works all day, he typically does not get to do that much with Austin and his class; so, needless to say he was very excited.
Also, in the next couple of weeks we have a lot to anticipate. On March 7th (tomorrow) I will officially be out of the Air Force- it will be the end of my 8 year (4 year active/4 year inactive) contract. Abi will be turning the big 5 years old on March 11th (I can not believe my baby will be 5!!!!) The 14th we're taking the family to the rodeo and to see Josh Turner. (For those of you that are not from Texas- the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a big part of Houston tradition!) Spring break for Austin and me at U of H will be the week of March 16-20. My parents will be married for 31 years on the 17th, the 18th I'm going to the rodeo and to see Gary Alan with my mom and sister. And the 20th-22nd we have a family camping trip planned for Abi's b-day. Mark will be the BIG 3-0 on the 27th! Then we move into April- the beginning is Easter! Lot's of fun things to look forward to!

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