Friday, March 27, 2009

Passing the Buck!

Thanks Lori for the very awesome award...I too shall pass it on!

*The Rules: List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people.
1. God, and the blessings he has given me.

2. The Fam! Mark, Austin and, I am so blessed!

3. My parents, I didn't understand when I was little just why they were so I do and I can return the unconditional love that they have always had for me!

4. Friends...I have friends I've known for 20 plus years and friends that I've only known for a couple of years. I love each and every one!

5. Coffee...Okay, so this one is a little shallow! But some people have comfort food, I have comfort coffee!

6. creating...This one is kind of odd too, but I truely LOVE to create things...I guess I really was made in the image of my CREATOR!

7. Good food and the company that comes with it! I love getting together for potlucks or even a fancy dinner with the ones I love, I really cherish the time I get to spend with the ones I love!

The 7 I choose for the Kreativ Blogger award:

Jenni because she lives halfway around the world and deserves a shout out!!!

Rebecca because she is a strong lady and the only girl living in a house with 5 boys! WOW!

Jennifer Jones because she was part of our Arkie Family while we lived in Arkie (and her little girl has the same b-day as Abi)!

Wendy because I'm hoping if I give her an award for blogging, she might actually do it!

Rachel because I admire her! She is an intellegent, loving lady! And was there for Mark and I when Austin was born. Welcome to the blogging community!

Michelle Just because I love ya girlie! You make me laugh and are humble, caring, and a VERY funny lady! (ps we moved taco Tuesday to WACO Wednesday!)

Jennifer Wood even though we have yet to visit you, I still consider you guys some of our very best friends!

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Jenni Deiderich said...

Thanks! I totally appreciate the shout out. I have no idea how to pass this on, though. I guess preggo brain has reared it's ugly head already. Help please?