Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Left Alone with 2 Kids and Power Tools!

In a recent shopping trip, Austin and Abi spotted a Lemonade stand similar to this one:
Although, this looks a LOT bigger in the picture than it actually is in real life. When Austin stood next to it, he towered over the top of it by at least a foot! And the best part? The price tag was marked $49.95!!!! OUTRAGEOUS! The kids really wanted to put together their money and pay the 50 bucks to take the fancy stand home. I told them that if they wanted to put their money together, we would by the wood and then build a stand together. So, off to Home Depot we headed. We priced pre-cut cedar slats first. They were a bit pricey for our project. We cheated and purchased 8 fence posts at $1.66 a piece. A total of less than $15 with a little learning thrown in, you can't beat a deal like that!

Mark has a power saw. Unfortunately for me, it's not attached to a saw table and I refuse to use it! It scares me. I just know I will slip up and cut my hand or something off! So, to be on the safe side, I got to work cutting the boards with a hack saw and a miter box. Our school day today consisted of cutting for several, SEVERAL hours...piecing together all the boards and painting...now, we have a finished lemonade stand, a very patriotic one, mind you!

Austin accurately measured ALL the boards!!!  

All of us hard at work 

The sides of the stand 

Almost there, the main part of the stand 

Painted all pretty! 

If you want a cup of cold lemonade, be sure to stop by!!

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