Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bye, Bye, Baby Goodbye!

After storing up the heels of loaves of bread for a few weeks, the kids and I thought it was about time to say goodbye to it. We took a trip to our local duck pond and fed the ducks (and turtles!) This is one of their favorite things to do, it never gets old. I think they would do it everyday if they could!
Beautiful weather outside too! Austin and Abi feeding the ducks 

My handsome little man!!

We moved to three different spots around the lake. Each spot we went to when we turned around, this creepy bird was standing there staring at us!!!!
Creepy bird, but pretty bird

From across the lake, we spotted this mommy duck teaching her babies to swim along the edge of the lake. They were so adorable!
Mommy and her two tiny baby ducklings

After a long journey of raising three caterpillars, watching them turn into their chrysalises, and then celebrating as we watched them emerge...it was time to say goodbye to Kitos, Austin jr., and Abi jr. At first Abi was a little excited to watch them fly, but then my animal and insect loving little girl was heart broken once they flew away. I tried explaining that keeping them in the bungalow is not nice for them because they were made to fly and they didn't have any space to do so in the there. She was still sad. I came home from Bunco last night and found her crying on the couch, snuggled up next to Mark. She has such a loving heart for living creatures! 

Before the release 

When she unzipped the tent, they didn't fly out. So, Abi had to stick her finger in there to get them. 

Isn't it pretty! Bye bye butterflies!

Having the butterflies reminds me of a sweet little song that Austin used to sing when he was about 4. It goes like this:
Butterfly, butterfly
What lovely wings
Flutter by, flutter by
Makes my heart sing
When  it rains, when it rains
I want to know
Butterfly, butterfly
Where do you go?

 This morning Abi woke me up so excited to say that her second front tooth had FINALLY come out!! It has been so loose lately, she would push it forward so that it stuck out a little when her mouth was closed. We gave her the nickname 'Nanny McPhee' because that's who she looked like when she coined her new tooth trick! I didn't get any pictures of her impression, but I did manage to snap one after she pulled it out!
Goodbye baby front teeth

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