Saturday, May 7, 2011

The BIG 9

What a year it's been! It doesn't seem so long since Austin's 8th birthday, but as I look back through pictures from the last year I can see how much he has grown!!
 We celebrated Austin's 8th birthday with dinner at the Aquarium
Becca, Abi, and Austin

You lost a LOT of teeth this year, this was the first of many! 

Spent summer time with cousins that you don't see very often 

Spent some time in Daddy's shoes, or shorts rather... 

Celebrated your love of baseball 

 Probably TRIPLED your knowledge of how the body works

Actually sat still long enough to take a picture with Mommy 

Won a trophy in a championship baseball game

Took a LOT of pictures like this (when you grow up, don't think that I love Abi more because I have more pictures of her...) 

Put the Angel on top of the tree 

Dissected a lot of stuff (GROSS!) 

Read a lot of books, making it hard for me to keep up! 


Baseball with a smile 

And more baseball!!!!

Austin, you are such a blessing. You always make me laugh! A mom couldn't ask for a better kid-o with a better sense of humor! You are turning into a gentleman. I pray that you continue to walk closely to God, that you continue to put others before yourself, and that you always realize that 'stuff' isn't what matters in life, people do. You are an amazing little man and I love you so much!

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