Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field Trip to the Children's Museum

I love field trips! We made a trip to the Houston's Children's Museum, using our member passes for the first time. Member passes that I got for half price through the Houston Chronicle's daily deals. Austin and Abi LOVE the children's museum, I think they would live there if they could.

In the diner

Abi shopping at the HEB

Austin playing cashier

Abi working in the Vet Clinic

Austin working in the bicycle shop

My little bank teller

Is a driver's license really necessary?

In the Crime Lab

This is my favorite feature of the museum, the outdoor 'Flow Works' exhibit! It is a cross between a splash pad and a plumbing masterpiece!! The kids can play in the water while changing the way it flows with pipes, waves, and much more. When the bucket at the top gets full, it tips over soaking the kids below!!

There are three floors of these climbing pads

Abi learning how the heart pumps

In the Science Lab learning about matter and molecules

Ever wonder what happened to that old phone you had in the 80's? It could be part of this Phone Man sculpture!

Ended the day with Tiger face paint

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