Monday, December 28, 2009

Sewing with serger

While browsing on, I found this boutique outfit and fell in love with the design elements of it! Although it is adorable, I can not justify paying the $95 price tag when I can make the outfit myself. Obviously, the same fabrics will not be used. I cannot wait to see the final results!!! I am nervous because I will be venturing out and using my mom's serger on this one! I have never used a serger before, but for clothing it really is the best thing to use. It's to be determined if this ruling will stick!

Also, Abi has been one sewin' mama! I have fabrics that I pre-cut for another project that she has adopted. So far, she has sewed her yellow baby a pillow and a blanket. The kid machine that we got her for Christmas is cute, but I can't wait until she graduates to the real thing!

The finished product

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