Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas with the Brewers

The Brewers 2009
This Christmas season has gone by so fast. I can hardly believe that today is Christmas day 2009, and we will start a new year in 6 days! This year, among the the many gifts, the memories I have made visiting family has really been with me. Most of the time I am focused on what is coming up; on such things as what classes I am taking next semester, getting my books ordered. But this year, it's almost as Christmas time has added an extra appreciation for time spent with my mom and dad, brother and sister, and more communication with my extended family. We did stick to our traditions, the biggest being serving at church for the Christmas eve services. The services on Christmas eve are always my favorites because we get to meet so many new people!

Austin and Abi in front of the preschool Christmas tree

Austin as a shepherd and Abi as an angel in the services

Abi in her Christmas dress

Austin in his Christmas get-up

Austin and Abi, don't the clean up nice!
We took the kids to look at Christmas lights the evening before Christmas eve. They really had a fun time, but were exhausted when we got home!

Maddox, Austin and Abi dancing/ looking at lights

Abi's Christmas dress

Abi's Christmas skirt and bow for the many seasonal events!

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