Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

me and Mark

Melinda, me and Lori

Sthefany and Abi

Austin and Alex

Christmas tree farm 2009

Today was our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm. It is the 4th year to go, and each year the festivities seem to get fewer. The first year we went they had so many great things that made the experience incredibly fun! They had Santa (to take pictures with), a small gift store that carried fresh garland and cute crafts, a fire pit to roast marshmellows, a train for the kids, a hay ride, and a play area. They have slowly decreased the entertainment a little each year. This year they had only the animals to look at, the park, and the train...everything else has been taken away...very disappointing! To top it off, all of the trees to cut down had a fungus. We had to get a tree that they brought in from South Carolina. There's a good possibility that we could be purchasing a fake tree for next year. Nevertheless, we did have an awesome time with family and friends.

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