Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Getting in the spirit of Christmas

I forgot to mention in my last post that another adventure of Black Friday was taking the kids to see Disney's A Christmas Carol. I must say that I was very disappointed. For a Disney movie, there were some very creepy scenes that even creeped me out!! Abi spent most of the movie with her ears or eyes covered! It seemed more like a Halloween movie than a Christmas movie...I gave it 2 thumbs down! On a brighter side, Abi got to wear her new Mr. Man Christmas shirt!
Abi loves the Mr. Man show!

Austin before the movie
This year's women's banquest was fun again. I enjoyed getting to spend some time talking to everyone, seeing the beautiful decorations, and eating some yummy food.
Centerpiece for the women's banquet- Marisa's and Brany's handiwork

The girls, left to right, Lori, Me, Tauya, Marisa, Wendy, Brandy, Lizzie, and Sarah

Me, Brandy, and Marisa

Also, after forever it seems like, I finished the carseat cover for little Pacey. Christmas Pajamas and a Christmas dress soon to come!

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