Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cruisin' With the Brewers Day 7, Final Day at Sea

After Cozumel the atmosphere of the cruise life was a little somber. Maybe from exhaustion, maybe from the weariness of not seeing our kiddos, or maybe from the sadness of realizing that our fun-filled vacation was coming to an end. We were spoiled. Every morning we had breakfast made to order, access to a swimming pool with a whirly slide all day, the option of nap time at our disposal, and my favorite, an intimate and laughter filled dinner time every evening with close friends. Our waiter, Edgar, even joined in the fun and pulled a couple of pranks on Mark and Javi!! One of my favorite memories from this trip are all the new people we met, mainly on the crew. John our room steward was AWESOME, he even knew our names on the first night when he came by to introduce himself. Somehow we were lucky enough to be sat in the same area of the breakfast room every morning with the same waitress, Zarrah. We spent time getting to know Edgar, John, and Zarrah. We asked questions about where they were from and what their culture was like. They were such nice people, each took the time to say hello even when they saw us outside of our usual setting. We also met other couples, young and old. (One thing I admire about Taunya and Javier is that they will spark a conversation with anyone! That characteristic just isn't part of my personality, but I would like it to be! Now that I am aware of it, I can work on it!) It was a bitter sweet ending. That Sunday when we docked (day 8 officially), Javier called us and wished us a "happy kid day" because each of us anticipated seeing our mini-mes!!! What will be missed most is the constant feeling of being in community with fun-loving, positive people. But no worries, we are already planning a family cruise with the Blancos for September 2012!! Another advantage to homeschooling, we will do a unit study on the places we plan to go and then the kids will be able to experience it first hand!
 Mark, Jimbo, and Javi
The big kids in line to go down the slide!

Jimbo, Javi, and Mark...Mark and Javi being Mark and Javi!!!! 

Rita, me, and Taunya 

The crew with our evening waiter, Edgar
Mine and Mark's FAVORITE dessert of the week, chocolate molten cake!!! 

Fun times!!! 

The crew with our room steward, John. What a cool guy!

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