Monday, July 11, 2011

Cruisin' With the Brewers Day 2, Another Day at Sea

Day 2 of our cruise was the 4th of July. One of the greatest things about cruising is that there is every level of dining. There is a 24 hour pizzeria, fish 'n chips and ice cream bar. For breakfast, you can choose between a buffet or finer dining. For lunch there is a buffet, Mongolian grill, and hamburger/hot dog station. For dinner you schedule a time to dine at the time you book. You can choose between fine dining at your chosen time or sushi, buffet, Mongolian grill, and hamburger/hot dog station. On our cruise, there were also two formal dining nights.

There was a 4th of July party on the main deck in celebration of the 4th. There are three pools on the main deck, the biggest of the pools is in the shadow of a jumbo tron sized TV that shows two movies every night. For the fourth, the jumbo tron showed a firework display along with music and dancing.
They had an American flag hanging in the lobby for the 4th 

 The jumbo tron above the main pool

Taunya and Javier at lunch day 2 

Me and Mark lunch, Day 2 

Mark, Me, Javier, and Taunya 4th of July party  

 Taunya and Javier joining the dance party

 Me and Mark getting ready for another comedy show

Me and Taunya at the comedy show

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