Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cruisin' With the Brewers Day 4, Montego Bay, Jamaica

FINALLY a day at port!! We docked in Montego Bay around 9AM, eager to get off the ship but not really knowing what to expect. To get off the ship, they open doors at the very bottom of the boat. So, we made our way to floor zero and then were herded out like cattle. Of all of the stops we made, Montego Bay was my least favorite. We scheduled an excursion for that day, ride on a catamaran, snorkeling, and a brief stop at Margaritaville. The catamaran was pretty neat, we could sit on the top and watch the water pass under us through cargo nets. I wanted to snorkel SO badly, but unfortunately my skin, particularly the skin around my eyes, does not like salt water!! So, I spent most of the time not being able to open my eyes even above water because my eyes burned so bad! Mark, Taunya, and Javier enjoyed what they did see though. Mark took a few photos with our under water camera, not too many tropical fish swam our way though. We only snorkeled for a few minutes then made our way to Margaritaville. Margaritaville was neat to see, but none of our people are really big drinkers!! I bought my dad a hat. Then Mark, Taunya, and Javier went down the water slide. Then we made our way back to the boat.
 The Catamarans
There was a couple 21 year old boys on our catamaran with us. Apparently, Jamaican rum is VERY strong. One of the boys was drinking the "free" rum very quickly and it all caught up with him at once!! He couldn't even stand up on his own. So, if you go to Jamaica, go easy on the rum punch they serve for "free" because you will pay for it later!

Mark and I before we docked...super excited!!! 

 If you look closely toward the top left area, you can see a blue fish!

 The DJ booth at Margaritaville

Big kid toys at Margaritaville!!

 Me, Mark, Taunya, and Javier on the catamaran

 Taunya and Javier at dinner

 Mark and I at dinner

 Javier and Mark on the top deck

Our bed buddy

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