Friday, April 1, 2011

Everything is Better With Chocolate

It has been an emotionally rough week for me. Highs. Lows. I pretty much feel like the week has been a flop. Something I highly anticipated did not happen leading to disappointment, which I never do well with. School with Abi has been tough. It has been a battle almost everyday (except for Wednesday, oh sweet Wednesday why did you leave me?) Abi loves chocolate, she gets that from me. After some brainstorming with Mark, I came up with this idea: I bought a big bag of Dove chocolates. Abi can choose three pieces of candy at the start of the school day. Each time she complains about having to do schoolwork or says "I can't do it" and I know she clearly can...then a piece of candy gets returned to the candy bin. So far today she still has three pieces. That could change in a split second.

Small group, I love my small group peeps. They are near and dear to my heart! A running joke for one of our members is that he loves bacon. Bacon with everything. So, after another one of our members posted a recipe for bacon chocolate chip cookies, I decided to make them. I do not eat beef or pork so I can't tell you if they were good or not. I can tell you that Abi LOVED them and probably ate at least 5 of them!!!

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