Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That...

It has been a very random last couple of weeks. First, Austin's spring season of baseball FINALLY started!! Another team mom caught some awesome snap shots of all the boys on the team, but I've posted my favorites ones of my boy!

Baseball ready! 

Cool shot of the ball going right into his glove! 

Good at bat!

Next, it's been a couple of weeks since Spring Break. When the kids finish their school work before 2:30 they still are not allowed to turn on the TV. So, they have become great at finding things to entertain themselves. Just today, they practiced and put on a rock concert for me that included a song called "Give Us Candy and Sweets"! I'm not sure what this masterpiece is exactly, but it must be a masterpiece because they used UT playing cards to build it! 

I don't know about your kids, but mine go through fruit as if it were the only food group! This is one of their favorite snacks. I thought I would share it, just in time for summer.
 Sliced strawberries (also sliced bananas) , frozen fat-free whipped cream, sugar-free chocolate syrup, with cherries on top

In one of my sewing frenzies, I scrambled for something to make! I have so much fabric that needs to be made into something!! So, I put some together to make Abi a ruffled summer top. Don't be disappointed, but it lays half finished on my sewing table. I will show you the fabrics it will be made of, and post a picture later.
I love the blues and pinks together.

Our garden is growing nicely. We planted a few more jiffy pots that are blooming beautifully as well. This is a picture of one of our pumpkin plants. We are watching it grow closely. In fact, Austin will be putting together a PowerPoint presentation this week to show the life cycle of a pumpkin. Abi will also be journaling her observations as well as doing a worksheet that labels the parts of the pumpkin plant. After seeing a flower bloom on our plant, we googled to learn some info about our new beauty. There are male and female flowers that flower on the pumpkin plant. The flowers bloom early in the day, at dawn. They only are opened for about 4 hours and then they close forever. The female bud forms into a pumpkin. Austin, Abi, and I found this to be very neat!
Our first bloom. 

Today we had a park day, so we didn't have much school "work". The kid-o's broke out their aprons, chef hats, and the easy bake oven. They wanted to "bake Daddy a sweet treat for working so hard for our family!" It melts my heart when they are thoughtful of others...not that they always are, they are kids...So, you can understand why I cherish the times that they work together to do something for someone else!
 They read and followed all of the instructions for themselves, with no help from me

 They had cinnamon pretzels, sugar cookies, and cupcakes waiting for Mark when he got home today.

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