Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Part II

Since we attended the Easter service at church on Saturday evening instead of Sunday, Mark and I were able to sleep in a little. Then we headed to a local park to meet with some of our small group members and with the Bender/Domino group for a picnic and Easter egg hunt. Our group always try to plan a get together for Christmas and Easter that we can include the kids in...and eat!! This year is the first year that we met at a park. It was actually better, I think, because there was really no clean up and the dads took the kids on a search for treasure through the hiking trails in the park using the geocache option on their phone. The kids were SO excited!!! While they did that, moms hid the eggs and chatted! They didn't have enough time to find the treasure before it was time to hunt eggs, but I have a feeling this won't be the last time we hunt treasure!!!

Abi AFTER she ate, that's why she's smiling!! 

Pacey warning me not to eyeball her cookie!

 Luke and Alicia scarfing down their food so they can go play

Kathryn playing it cool

Mark, super cool!!

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