Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011, Part I with a Little Extra Thrown In!

This week I went out to do a little shopping one night, and when I got home, Abi had lost a front tooth!! When the kids found out the truth about Santa Clause, they drew their own conclusions about the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. So, Abi had thrown her tooth into the garbage after she ripped it out!!!

Snaggle Tooth!

The shopping I did this week was to put together a family Easter basket to be given away after the Easter egg hunt at church. I had a good time putting everything together!

Lots of fun goodies!!!

This morning we made Easter eggs the good old fashioned way!! This is the first time the kids have really  ever dyed eggs. Honestly, I don't like to put in the work to dye the eggs.

Vinegar stinks! 

 The finished product

On the way to the Easter service this afternoon, we stopped by a nearby "lake" to take some pictures of the kid-o's. I was so happy to see how the pictures turned out!!

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