Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

Ausin has been learning about how the circulatory system in his sciece co-op. VERY COOL! Still left to do this year is a sheep pluck dissection and a rat dissection 

 This is a model of a vein with blood platelets, white blood cells and blood plasma. 

 This is what happens when you mix 'A' blood type with 'B' blood type

Abi has been learning about teeth in her science class. In her book, there are pictures of what kids would look like if they had adult teeth and vice versa. That was pretty funny to see. Nevertheless, Abi did learn that she has different kinds of teeth, each unique and necessary. Her project was to eat. A really tough task for her? NO WAY! She loved it! She ate crackers while focusing on how she bit it. Then she ate celery and recorded her answers for both, all while wearing her PJs!
 Professional taste tester!

Mark and I took advantage of PNO (Parent's Night Out) at the Church this month. It's a great deal, 3 hours of childcare for just $15. I say childcare, but it should really be child adventures! Austin and Abi always have an awesome time! They get to see many of their friends, play games, watch movies, and just be kids!
Me and Mark before our date

 Abi and Mark having a minute before date night

This past Saturday we took the dogs to the dog park. I'm not sure who was more excited, the dogs or the kids! This is such a fun family activity, literally for the WHOLE family! 
 Austin pumped up, and the dogs snotting all over the window!

 Abi finding a photo op with her girl, Peaches!

 I did say fun for the whole family! Austin climbed every tree he had time to between running with the dogs!

 Abi making use of the dog training equipment!

 The HUGE dog watching Bandit and Peaches is in the family too! Mark's dad and Wendy met us there with their 2 pups, Alex, (pictured, Great dane) and Cooper (Yorkie)


Spring is a comin'! We have taken advantage of it every day! We picked up kites to fly and seeds to plant! The kids and I both welcome the chance to soak up some sun.
 Austin flying his Transformers kite

Not only did we plant seeds in anticipation of spring, but also because Abi has been learning about what colonial life was like. Shehas been learning about maps and where the Colonies were located in accordance to water, trees, and plains. One of her activities along with this chapter was to plant seeds and draw pictures as they grow. Perfect timing because I have been planning for a while to plant a small vegetable garden in the backyard.

 All of these jiffy pots have a vegetable of some kind planted in it.

Abi embarked on a new (and exciting for me) adventure just yesterday. We stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick Austin up some books. Even though he regularly downloads books to read on my Nook, I can't keep up with him because he goes through them so quickly. I would never see my Nook again if it were up to him! Before we even arrived, Abi had decided that she "didn't want any stinking books"! So, I helped Austin browse through and find a few that he wanted. Before leaving, I picked up a couple Juni B. Jones books thinking that I would read them with Abi before bed every night. I think part of her disdain for reading comes from being bored with the books she has. She protested that I bought her books on the way to the car. When we reached the car, Austin anxiously dug through the bag to grab the book he was going to read on the way home. As Abi watched him, she said, "I want one of my books too". And so, this day is marked with big red hearts on my memory's calendar!! She read the book all the way home, and became so engulfed in what she read that we could hardly get her attention and we sprinted back and forth past her getting ready for baseball practice!!! She even giggled aloud as she read!
 Abi and Junie

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