Thursday, February 10, 2011

In the Wind

I have never been so ready to throw something into the wind until now...I AM DONE WITH WINTER WEATHER!!! I sure hope the groundhog was right this year, and spring will be coming to visit sooner, rather than later. After our big 'snow' day, the weather has been nothing but a tease. It warms up just long enough for me to get my hopes up, but then gets cold again. Well, here in the Brewer house, we do what is necessary to entertain ourselves!

Monday was kind of chilly, but mostly windy. Austin had the great idea for Abi and him to make kites. He googled 'how to make a kite' on his computer and found step-by-step instructions with a supply list.

Austin and Abi flying their homemade kites

When I said we entertain ourselves in anyway possible, some probably never thought that a 'carrot crunching contest' would make the list of Go To Entertainment techniques...but it does!

Austin and Abi in their carrot crunchin' contest

While I write this, Austin is in his science co-op class in the process of dissecting a sheep's heart. He was so excited this morning before I dropped him off. He has REALLY enjoyed this co-op and looks forward to it every week. I'll update on how it went...

Also, today I am doing an online seminar through Bob Jones University on how to teach phonics. I am very excited to learn some new ideas, because we all know how challenging my little Abi can be! I am quite please with the reading and phonics workbook that she us currently using. Yesterday she learned the hard and soft 'th' sound. Holding two fingers over your throat and feeling for vibrations while you say the word can help you determine if the 'th' sound in the word is hard or soft. Very neat, I did not learn that in school.

On another bitter-sweet note, our small group is meeting in our split group for the first time this evening. This has been tough for me because I love all of the people in our group. These people that I have grown to know as family, it's hard to let them go. Knowing that things are not going to be the same is a struggle for me. I know that we are supposed to grow groups and multiply, but it is hard to not be connected the same way. I fear that we will grow apart. It's like when I left for basic training...I knew there were big and exciting things ahead, but I also knew that things would change with my family. And they did. I do not think that distance makes the heart grow fonder...

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