Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bumping Along

This past week both Austin and Abi started new curriculum in different subjects. This past semester, Austin did Bob Jones University Math. I love BJU! So, to show my love, I pretty much changed all of their curriculum to BJU!!

Here are the books I am using for Austin:
Grammar: I liked the book that Austin did last semester for Easy Grammar 3rd grade, that I purchased the 4th grade book for this semester! Easy Grammar by Philips; Spelling 4th grade: Super Teacher Worksheets; Reading: a mix of books that he chooses and Scholastic.com 3-5 language arts topics; Journal: mixture of topics he wants to write about and a story starter also from scholastic.com; Math: BJU 4th grade; Science: Anatomy and Physiology with Miss Becky using The Human Body book published by Answers in Genesis; Social Studies/History: BJU Heritage Studies 4th grade. We are not currently doing any curriculum in Art or Music, but I will add those into the mix next year when I order the full BJU curriculum. Of course, baseball is his PE. Although the baseball season will not start until March, he has continued to meet with the team for practice at least twice a week.

Here are the books I am using for Abi:
Grammar: Easy Grammar 2nd grade by Philips; Spelling 2nd grade: Super Teacher Worksheets; Reading: Horizons Phonics and Reading 2 book 1; Journal: a mixture of topics she wants to write about and writing games available through scholastic.com; Math: BJU 2nd grade; Science: BJU Science 1; Social Studies/History: BJU Heritage Studies 1. We are not currently doing a curriculum in Art or Music with Abi either, but will add those next year. Abi is taking gymnastics on Tuesdays for her PE.

So, our days are full of a lot of work!!! One of the great things about BJU Science 1 is that it throws in "mini" science projects. This past week, while learning about the senses, Abi got to taste different stuff and then had to record her observation of the item. Big brother joined in too, of course!!!
 I love Austin's face...he must have been on the vinegar!!!

 She's not making a 'yuck' face, that must be the cherry juice!

 Austin 'tested' the pickle juice several times!

 She's quite the Scientist!

Both Austin and Abi usually start the school day with complaining, but by the end they are content! One day they will realize that it's never as bad as it seems!

I recently took up running again. Now, I attempted to start back in September, but I just wasn't motivated. Mark and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in June; which we will commemorate with a cruise in July. That has been my motivation. I do not want to wear a swimsuit in public in my current condition....so, I'm doing what I can to feel better about wearing one!!! My pal, Melinda, has agreed to be my accountability/running partner and we are both quite committed!! Mark snapped this pic of me as I was heading out for a run with MelT when it was about 30 degrees and drizzling!!!
I'm smiling...so, this is definitely before the run!!!
I am so in love with my husband. God REALLY knew what he was doing when he brought Mark and I together. Just proves that God is much better at these things than I am!!!  I know that many couples once they start having kids and life happens, forget to take time out for each other. When their kids are grown and gone, the couple are left as strangers. Mark and I NEVER want that to happen (hence the cruise without kids). While I love my kids, they will grow up and make their own lives. It will be just Mark and me in just a few short years. I do not want to live with a room mate, I want to live with the love of my life! Marriage is hard work, it's waking up each day and making the choice to love each other unconditionally. I recently started a new book titled 'Sexy Christians' by Ted and Diane Roberts. The book says, "ultimately, the way we relate to Christ mirrors the way we relate to our spouse." They discuss the importance of praying together as a couple. In fact, as counselors, they have never counselled a couple with marital problems that prayed together. They point out that we should "never, never become casual about something as sovereign and precious as your partnership, and never let your sex life become an expression of habit." They talk about how entering into marriage is just like becoming a follower of Christ, you have to die to yourself.  So far, I am really enjoying this book. It has reiterated some points on marriage that I have forgotten about. On that note, we had a date night recently. I love spending time with Mark, he is so much fun!!!

Me and my love, Mark


Sarah said...

I wanna borrow the book when you're done! Is it on your Nook? You've got a great family and I'm very impressed with your homeschooling, running, and marriage! You've got it together girl!

The Wood Family said...

I'm so excited to see you homeschooling the kids and happy that you get to spend so much time with them! Glad to hear it's going great! Also, wow, almost 10 years!! Can't wait to see what God will continue to do for you guys in the next 10!!