Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to Sew

I have to admit it, I have not been on the creative ban wagon for a while! I go through my moments when I really want to sew all the time...or I have times, like recently, when I just do not even want to go into my sewing room! Well, it's possible that my mood is due to change soon.

Even though the creativeness was no where to be found, I still managed (through protest however...Sorry again, Jennifer!) to finish my friend's bedding for her due-anytime-now baby boy, Colt.

 I made the blanket and pillow case. Also added trim to an already-made baby bumped
 You can't tell by the pics, but these are lined in a thick ticking fabric. A brilliant idea that Jen came up with! They're thick like black out curtains, maybe thicker!
 I only saved one pic, but there are actually two runners like this- one for the dresser and one for the changing table.

Homeschooling takes up most of my times these days. Even if I get a window to sew, it is quickly closed with questions and request for help from Abi! I usually shut myself in my sewing room for a few minutes in the evening after Mark gets home.
 A throw pillow I made for Abi's bed
 The blanket I made for Natalie's little boy, Michael David. I like to make them large enough to fit a toddler bed so that it has a useful life!

It's probably one of my favorites that I've made because of the color scheme!

Next on my to-do list is making Abi and Rebecca matching dresses. If I ever manage to accomplish that task, I'll post more pics!!!

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