Saturday, January 15, 2011

All American Tea Party

So, school this week left Abi hungry for more. That is great! She used her Littlest Pet Shop collection and Daddy's tape measure for math in Thursday's and Friday's lessons.
Measuring in inches and feet
Counting her pets to add and subtract

Austin went back to his Anatomy and Physiology class for the first time this semester. He LOVES science. He finds it so amazing. I suppose it is very helpful that his teacher, Ms. Becky, is an awesome teacher! He also has been reading about different types of writings through
working hard

There's nothing like a good school week to help you keep going the next week!!!

Last weekend we had to postpone Abi's for-no-reason-at-all-tea-party to this Saturday. A couple weeks ago when I went to pick the kids up from Sunday school, Abi was hand in hand with one of her friends, Sofie, requesting a play date that afternoon. We came up with the idea to have Sofie bring her American Girl doll over for a tea party. Alicia, Sofie's older sister, like the idea too. So, both came today with their dolls for an 'All American Tea Party'. I say all American because we did not serve tea. Instead, the girls had hot chocolate with colorful marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (Abi's menu of course!) The girls had such a good time. I want to remember how it filled my heart with gratefulness to sit in the living room and listen to all three of them giggle and laugh as they had their treats.
(left to right): Sofie, Abi, and Alicia
This little tea set belonged to my Grandmother. It is SO cute!!

Last, but not least, Mark. Last winter we looked every where for a scarf long enough for him! Not just one that was long enough, but UT colors, of course. We had no luck. This year while Christmas shopping, I found one that was 5 feet long and ON SALE!!! So, the kids and I gave it to him for Christmas. To say that he loves it is an understatement. He wears it ALL the time. We have 5 quilts in our living room, and I found Mark sitting on the couch wearing his scarf instead of snuggled in a quilt!!! I am really glad I decided to buy that scarf, who knew it would bring so much joy?!
I love this guy!!!

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Sarah said...

Wait a minute... what scarf? Have I seen this scarf? I can't recall seeing him wear it... :)