Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pup pups and more

The past week or so Abi and I have been searching high and low for good storage containers for my sewing room from surrounding thrift stores. We have yet to find what I am looking for, but I enjoy the hunt for that perfect piece that brings everything together. I was so thrilled when I posted a wanted ad on my local and someone responded the next day for a peg board. I also see that my opinion poll is about to close...looks like I will be decorating my sewing room in lavender and green! Just got to get started now!

Today there was not a high percent for rain...sure enough we get loaded in the car to take the dogs to the dog park and the dark clouds roll in. We parked and the rain passed within 5 minutes. Bandit and Peaches were thrilled because they LOVE the dog park. When they were puppies Mark couldn't wait until they weren't afraid to jump into the water after the ball. That day has come, Peaches loves to swim. She splashes and tries to catch the water in her mouth! Bandit will jump in if he sees Peaches in...and then they wrestle in the water. There was one REALLY old dog that creeped up and started sniffing my leg; Bandit, our usually very calm and loving pup, did not like that...he started biting him! It was a great day to be topped of with watching Tinker Bell on the Disney channel! Tomorrow is Memorial Day...God bless our fallen soldiers, I am so grateful for their sacrifice!

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