Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clearing of storms

SO, the storms previously mentioned seem to be clearing up! Our electrical problem has been fixed; it ended up being a loose wire in the light switch and a bad plug. Thanks to the Parker family for helping us out on that one...who would have thought knowing about electricity could be so helpful?! Also, our washer took a day and a half in the repair shop, but is now home...washing clothes better than ever! That was a $200 dollar repair, but well worth it...seeing as how a new machine is a minimum of $350! I met with my advisor and have registered for my classes for next semester. I also submitted my paperwork to the VA for my GI bill. I've submitted all of the papers I needed to write and will be taking a final this Wednesday and one on Monday.

Abi had her first and last double header this past Saturday...boy was that fun. She was done after the first game...her first at bat, she told Justin (the guy helping her bat) that she was hungry...and then skipped to first base! I think she liked the idea of getting to wear a t-ball uniform with all of her girlie equipment...because she always anticipates getting dressed for t-ball, but never wants to play! She is also on a kick lately with wearing dresses. She wants to wear one everyday, which is not normal for her!

The latest with Austin is that he has his first loose tooth. Not only that, he has two of his adult teeth coming in behind his loose tooth. Hopefully the loose one falls out soon, he's really excited about it! Austin's birthday is on Thursday, he will be 7!!!! What an old man! He has decided this year for his birthday to have 3 friends sleep over and play video games. I am kind of happy about that, because that means I do not have to organize a party...yeah! Not that I do not like having parties, I just don't like the stress they bring to make them happen...or the clean up! Also, there are about 4 more weeks of school...which I am hoping do not get shut down because of the Swine flu! There have already been two closings in our district, and one of them is not far from us...in fact the preschool that Abi goes to transports kids to and from it!

Abi at bat

Abi and Daddy in the outfield

The kids with their pups

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