Friday, November 1, 2013

Uh...What Just Happened?

Let's see here... what's just happened. Or better yet, has been happening?

The run down of 2012: I had vision problems in my right eye (like the lingering camera flash long after a photo had been snapped). I had foot pain in both of my feet. I saw an optometrist at the VA, prescribed glasses. I saw a podiatrist at the VA, prescribed orthopedic insoles. Mark's mom passed away unexpectedly. Mark lost his job. Mark started a new job. We had our floors redone in our house. Austin played A LOT of baseball! That's it in a nutshell for the big events. For the small events, I put them in pictures!

Rodeo 2012 with the cousins
 Valentine's Day 2012 Abi and Luke
Abi turned 8 

A LOT of baseball! 

Mark, Austin, Abi, and I all joined in to build Austin and Abi loft beds!

Abi's finished bed

 Austin's finished bed

Mark and I attended a Hunger Games party to celebrate the release of the movie!

 More baseball!

Easter 2012

Our Church family egg hunt!

 Austin had some fun science projects

Both enjoyed schoolwork outside!

Summer wouldn't be summer without our pals!

The Usual!

Austin's team played several tournaments close to Galveston. So, we made a mini-vacation out of it with the team!

Kemah with the team!

Summer also wouldn't be summer without a trip to the lake with Aunt Debbie with Uncle Chuck!

Swimming with cousins at Grandpa's house

Ready for Vacation Bible School

Mark and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary!

Abi was a tiger for Halloween 2012

Austin's team won 2nd place in a tournament for Halloween

Austin's team won 2nd place in the CFSA League play for 10U select teams

There were lots of family dinners

And lots of waiting on baby Roman, my nephew, to arrive

A KJ52 Concert

And meeting Manafest

And baby Roman made his appearance November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving with Papa

And cousins
Christmas Lights 2012

Decorating for Christmas!

Pancakes and Pajamas 2012

Lighting the Advent candles 2012

Brewer Family Christmas 2012

 Christmas 2012

 Christmas Morning

Christmas morning with cousins!

A lot happened last year. It was a tough year for our family, but also a year of many good memories.

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