Friday, November 1, 2013

Almost There

I've almost got you caught up with what's going on with us today! Let's pick up where I left off...starting 2013!

Let's see here. 2013: We began having a few issues with the coaches on Austin's team not too long after the new year. We tried to keep with it and work out the kinks. Mean while, in February I saw a civilian optometrist about my vision problem. He suggested that I get my head checked out. So, in April, I saw my PCP whom then ordered an MRI. The afternoon of my MRI, my doctor called and told me to go to the hospital to be admitted. That the radiologist had found some lesions in my brain. I was admitted to the hospital. Five days of high dose steroids, 2 more MRIs, several blood tests, and a spinal tap later, I had a confirmed diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or MS. I finally had an explanation for my 'trick eye' (as liked to call it), my inability to balance and walk normal (let alone run), the ridiculous pain in my feet, feeling like I was borderline narcoleptic, and the most annoying symptom of all, my constant feeling that I had been drinking all day because of my fogged mind! After a couple visits with a neurologist, we agreed that I should begin daily injections of Copaxone. It sounds like a simple solution and it is working, but the injections leave bruises and knots under my skin for days. I think it also may be making my hair fall out. In May, after discussing many times with Austin, we decided it would be best to find a new baseball team. Austin tried out for a new team at Baseball USA/ Marucci Elite and made their 11U elite team. We finally felt like things were coming back together in our lives, but then Mark lost his job again. So, now we are trying to decide where to go from here. Here are some pictures from this year so far:

Abi's first volleyball game 
Austin pitching 
Austin's team won first place FINALLY 
Abi "playing" with the other siblings at the park! 
One of my many home improvement activities: Staining the bathroom cabinets and then painting the walls.


Playoffs 2013 
Most of the family cheered for the Texans. Except for DeAndre. He went for the Patriots!!
We took schoolwork where ever we could to get it done! Including the dentist office! 

 Spring break 2013, visit to the rodeo!!
Austin, Cameron, and Abi
We visited the Bayou Wildlife Park

We visited the Bluebonnet factory, but you can't take pictures once inside the facility.
Austin's team got 2nd place again in another tournament!
Went to Astros opening day
Camping Brazos Bend State Park
Fun with the Church fam!
More baseball
Topgolf with the cousins!
 We made a few trips to Galveston, this one for crabbing!

 We returned a couple weeks later for father's day and Roman's first trip to the beach
 Mark and I spent our 12th anniversary in Austin, Texas touring the capitol and the UT campus
 The view from Mt Bonnell
The UT tower
 Trip to the Children's museum
Pitching on his new team, The Houston Bulls!
Challenging drills with the new team!!
 Halloween 2013

Now that I have the blog all up to date, I will do my darndest to keep it that way!

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