Friday, September 9, 2011

We Survived Week One!!!

It was a short week, but long at the same time! Short because we only had school for four days being that Monday was Labor Day. Long because each morning getting Abi to be motivated to compete her work took motivation on my part. Motivation that I didn't think I had,but somehow seemed to dig it up! Nevertheless, here we are! Abi's and Austin's favorite subject has to be science. Abi actually had a couple of projects to do this week. (I'm waiting on the supplements that go with Austin's science book in the mail.)
The first of Abi's projects was to determine which criteria belong to plants, animals or both.

Her favorite of the two projects: Make a cell using Jello

The baggie: the cell membrane; the green grape: the nucleus; the raisins: vacuoles; the peanuts: mitochondria

So proud of her work!!

In between subjects, the AJBs like to go in the backyard and practice their art. Austin made all of these drawings with their endless supply of sidewalk chalk that Grammy got them this summer.

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