Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2nd and 5th

Today was Austin's and Abi's first day of school. Austin is beginning the 5th grade (give or take) and Abi is picking up somewhere in the middle of 2nd grade. I know, 'give or take' and 'in the middle' makes it sound complicated! It is! Nevertheless, last night before bed, Mark and I had two VERY excited kid-o's. We attended a swimming party most of the day yesterday; so, not only were they excited, they were also sleepy! A good combination, if you ask me! Before they drifted off to sleep, they chose clothes for the first day of school. Austin chose "something nice" and Abi chose "a dress"!
 Austin, night before 5th grade

Abi, night before 2nd grade

Before Mark goes to bed, he checks on the AJBs every night. This is how he found Abi!!
 When Mark tried to put her back on her pillow, her eyes popped open and she started grunting at him! It was too funny not to add to this update!

This morning I woke this kids up a few minutes earlier than our schedule call for because I wanted to surprise them with breakfast at IHOP. When I woke them, they popped right out of bed and got dressed as quickly as possible. They even let me snap of 'First day of school' pictures!
Abi, still has sleepy eyes! 

Austin, sporting a pull-over on this tid-bit-chilly morning

Both Austin and Abi ordered hot chocolate to drink. They LOVE the fall like their mother. They repetitively say they can't wait for 'pumpkins, hot chocolate, and the Christmas season'!
Who need cafeteria food when there is IHOP?

Abi was so excited about hers that she ended up burning her mouth!

My original plan had me going to the Y to workout after breakfast, and that might happen someday, but today when we walked in they had no childcare for the AJBs age group until 9AM. I was a little disappointed because I had mentally prepared myself for a week! Instead of working out, we went home and got straight to work. Abi got off to a rough start. I honestly think she just got up too early and was still a little bit tired. After an 'attitude adjustment' she bounced back and the rest of the day was a piece of cake!
 We rotate around the house doing different work. Mostly we are at the kitchen table, though. My little stinkers hard at work!

Our curriculum this year is similar to that of last year.
Abi is using:
Reading and Phonics, 2nd grade, book 1
Harcort Spelling Skills, 2nd grade
Bob Jones Math 2nd grade
Easy Grammar 2nd grade
Answers In Genesis, God's Design for Life- The Animal Kingdom
A Devotional for Girls
I will be adding in Social Studies later in the year. For the time being, she is taking 'Galloping the Globe' in Friday school, along with 'Discovering Art' and a class of Dinosaurs.
She will be taking ice skating lessons in place of P.E.

Austin is using:
Bob Jones English, 5th grade
Harcort Spelling Skills, 5th grade
Bob Jones Math 5th grade
Answers in Genesis, God's Design for the Physical World- Machines and Motion
A Devotional for Boys
He is currently finishing his 4th grade Heritage Studies book. He will be taking 'Colonial America', 'Distruction!' and 'Computer Basics' in Friday school.
Austin will be playing baseball again this fall with the Texas Terrors.
 A few of our school books

 The Excel spreadsheet that I mentioned in my last post

Lunch time! Fish sticks, mac n cheese and sugar snap peas!

Lucky for us, the neighbors across the street are homeschooled too. Which means that Austin and Abi will have someone to play with during 'recess'!

Well, Day 1 was quite successful. Now, if I could just have everyday be like today!

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Sarah said...

Ok, how much do I love your kids excitement for the first day of school!? That's awesome! So glad I have you to look up to! :)