Sunday, March 28, 2010


Abi's 6th Birthday Celebration: This year when offered a party, Abi came up with what she really wanted this year. She was very specific in her request: She wanted her and Luke (her very best friend and her betrothed) to get their faces painted like tigers, go to the Rainforest cafe, and then see a movie. We had to wait for so long because she wanted to see 'How to Train Your Dragon', which didn't come to theaters until March 26. Austin joined us also and wanted his face painted like a monkey.

Walking into the restaurant- Abi and Luke were holding hands!! It was cute at first but then we had to break them up!
Abi and Luke with their rightful pack!

Who needs birthday cake when you can have a VOLCANO!

Luke got Abi an Alive mini Tiger cub- She LOVES it!
We also celebrated Mark's 31st birthday on Saturday. Unfortunately, he spent the majority of it working!
Next stop, Easter!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jen, you may want to watch these two!! Tell her Michelle said Happy Birthday! Love yall!!