Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

I suppose Easter weekend began like any other weekend-o-fun. Friday night we had Aunt Marie, Deve, Sluz, and Aimee over for burgers and game night to celebrate Mark's 31st birthday. Then Austin and Mark went to a guys movie night while Abi and I stayed home to paint our nails. Saturday morning began with cooking. I made a dessert and potato salad for our small group Easter get together. Unfortunately, I am a dork and forgot to take the camera. Hopefully, someone can forward me their pics! We had a great time; I spent time truly bonding with Pacey- she not only puked on me this time, but peed on me as well! She's so cute, I don't care! The kids and I came home while Mark worked the 5pm service.

Sunday morning was, as every Easter is, a special and exciting morning. Each year I struggle with deciding what that one special thing is that I am going to put in their basket. I love that Easter is a holiday to celebrate, but I hate that it is so commercialized with yellow chickens and chocolate bunnies! I struggle each year with not wanting my kids to feel left out from the candy-o-rama traditions; I want to be sure that they grow up knowing why our family celebrates Easter. It's not just because Walmart says we should. I want them to get some candy, but not for their candy to overshadow the true focus of the season. Last year, the AJB's each got a Bible for their big gift in their baskets. This year I made them each a bracelet with their names and a charm-a cross. Both were excited that they had a cross. We then got dressed in our Easter's best-

the AJB'S finding their baskets

2010 Easter at Copperfield Church


Abi at the Easter egg hunt

Austin at the Easter egg hunt

After church, we went home for a little rest. We went to Mark's dad's house for Easter dinner- it was super yummy! Mark and the boys threw the football around while Abi played with Tom's latest addition to the family, Alex.

Abi and Alex- a very lazy puppy!

We ended the day with family movie night- Alvin and the Chipmunks, the squeakquel!
The Brewer Family 2010

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