Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where there is a kid, there is a Jennie...these words are all too true! Would you not believe that when Jimmie (my brother) came to visit last weekend, I did not snap one picture of him and the AJB's, or of Alisha, him and myself? The only pictures that I took were all to cute to pass up; pictures of Meredith eating ice cream. It was fun to get 'the gang' back together again. Mark and Naomi (with Grace and Mer), Keith and Rachel (with Cadance and Ian), Jimmie, Alisha, Mark (mine) and the AJB's got together for dinner and to catch up. It has been at least since Jimmie's wedding since we were all together! It was a lot of fun!Mer eating her ice cream

Last Sunday before church, Abi and Austin joined me on the back porch with their cereal. It was just a really beautiful morning. Occasionally I sit out alone. On that morning, Austin asked if he could sit with me. Abi was not far behind him! Austin and Abi eating breakfast

This Saturday, Naomi, Lizzie, Taunya, and I went to see The Spa Girls for a live event...we had a blast! And many, many laughs! Then we headed to Chuy's for lunch, YUMMY! Then I picked up Abi and we had our nails done with Sarah. It was Abi's first trip to the nail salon, and she LOVED it! She was disappointed that she didn't get her pedicure (because of a little communication error) but it subsided with ice cream and her own bottle of nail polish from Walmart! What a great mommy- daughter date!

Abi chose red polish...even after I suggested a much lighter pink!
treatment of a princess!

This is my last week of school until (at least) Spring 2011. We will begin our homeschooling journey in September. I have been researching home school curriculum, but haven't come to any definitive answers yet. There are so many things to choose from! Taunya suggested that Austin take an anatomy/physiology class with Cameron. The class includes dissecting a cow's eye, which Austin would probably think was great! Whatever we do end up doing, I am very excited!

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