Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Boy


Austin and Daddy- HOOK 'EM HORNS!
Austin before riding his first bike! Austin and Grammy mid-nap!
Austin brushing his chompers!

Austin with his first Astros hat and ball!

This year for Austin's birthday, he decided to do the same thing that Abi did. He had the choice between having a birthday party, or choosing one friend to go to dinner and a movie. He chose to invite Becca (I'll give the 411 on her in a moment) to go to the Aquarium for dinner and then to see Shrek 4 when it comes out in theaters. Becca is about 2 years older than Austin. When we went camping for Abi's birthday last year, Becca and her family went with us. Although Austin knew who she was, he had not really played with her. On the way home from camping, we asked Austin if he had fun. He said he really liked his new friend Becca. He said every time he looks at Becca "he just thinks about marrying her"! When we picked up Becca before dinner, she had the biggest smile I think I have ever seen. Austin and Becca sat in the third row of the truck and giggled and whispered all the way to the restaurant! They stared at the fish all through dinner. I didn't realize that fish could be so entertaining! Dinner was delicious. We rode the Farris wheel after dinner, then came home.

Abi and the sea turtle she named 'Spot'
Becca, Abi, a really big fish, and Austin
Becca and Austin celebrating his 8TH birthday

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They make a pretty cute couple! ;)